The War of the Last Primordial

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  • Created Apr 10 '09
  • Last Post Jun 29 '09 at 1:31pm
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Game Description

War is coming to Creation once more.

It is the Age of Sorrows, a darker age which started with the fall of the Solars. For 15 centuries, the Dragon-blooded - those designed to be the foot soldiers of the Primordial War - placed themselves as the Princes of the Earth. They have plunged the world into a diminished, corrupt state as their decadence and deficiency has come to the fore.

Few remember the First Age, the Age of Wonders, even amongst gods. Less because it was so long ago and more because few people wish to remember it. It was indeed an age of wonders forgotten today, but it was also an age where the Solar Deliberative ruled Creation as Lawgivers under the influence of the Great Curse. It is a mystery even to the sagest of beings in both Creation and Yu-Shan what would happen if their rule continued (and even if Jupiter knows the truth, she isn't telling).

Only the Incarnae remember the Primordial War. It was for this reason the Exaltation was created, and it was during this war that Creation was shaped into what it is today. It might have been prudent to end the cycle of Exaltation after this war, but once given, the gift was never taken back, and the gods were too lost in the Games of Divinity to pay due attention to Creation.

And before the Primordial War, there were Primordials.

Primordials fell apart and out of power during the Primordial War. Some of them died, even though they were not born to life, so they became the Neverborn - unable to live and unable to truly pass on. The rest were captured by the gods and bound in the body of their leader, Malfeas, and made to swear to serve if called. Autochthon chose to leave Yu-Shan and Creation behind and his fate is not known to mortals.

Today, only one truly remains behind. Her name is Gaia, and she is the mother and body of Creation. While she was diminished by the Wyld and the shadowlands, she is still alive.

Yet a new age is coming, and every age starts with a war. This time, the battlefield, the weapon and the prize are all one and the same: Gaia, the last Primordial.

This time, the battle will not be fought by two sides, but many more. Many have designs over Creation, and rarely do they coincide. You will serve one such design in the coming war. What will it be, then?

To rule, to preserve, to desecrate, or to destroy?

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