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It is Tarsakh 2, 1372 DR. A disease now known as The Wailing Death has overcome the city of Neverwinter. Hundreds are dead with many more sick and dying. A call was sent out by Lord Nasher to any and all adventurers who would investigate the matter, either through loyalty to the city or for money. You have answered the call and reported to the city where you have undergone intensive training.

As you prepared for the graduation ceremonies, a number of mages teleported in with goblins for an attack. Only after many of the adventurer trainees died was the attack repelled. It was not over, however. Four creatures that had been brought to the city in an attempt to create a cure for the disease escaped during the battle.

You are the only surviving adventurers of the raid. It is up to you to find the creatures in the city of Neverwinter and return them to the proper authorities to create a cure.

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