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The PremiseKobolds have a rigid society based upon a fair and balanced division of determining who is granted the 'honor' of certain tasks, a system that has done them well for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is a time honored tradition, and one that is always looked forward to by the whole tribe.

Everyone puts their name into a hat, and then the shaman draws from it.

And while there are some complaints that given he's one of the only one who can read, the results still stand, and you got the short end of it this time. But cheer up, at least it's not waste duty again! No, this time you've been blessed with a very important task. One of utmost importance!

As you know, the tribe has been meaning to improve it's standing amongst the other tribes, and the world at large. While trying to ally with the gibbering mouthers didn't go so well (we never could get a word in edgewise!), at least we didn't mess up like the Shortooth Tribe! (You know the ones. They were going to poison the local town's well but decided to test it out on their own first.)

Well, our great leader has come up with the perfect plan! A genius, fantastic plan!

You're going to steal a dragon egg! Enjoy!

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