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All right, I've been trying to work out a fantasy world to write some stories in. However, while I can easily come up with the overview, I wanted a more in-depth view of the world and its societies. What would the world look like to the characters? This is something I want to figure out from a different route than normal.

PremiseThe world is called Seyravol and is roughly circular in shape. Outside of the edges is pure chaos, although the plane is slowly expanding. In the center is a
about 100 miles across
massive, bottomless hole called The Maw. Nothing that goes in ever comes out again. The Maw also acts like a sink for magic (think of the Outlands, but divide the distance from the center by 10 for each band).

The rest of the plane is characterized by three distinct nations on three semi-seperate (but small) continents, each a few hundred miles across, seperated by ocean.

The Northernmost country is Kar, a land of many rivers and lakes and stretching grasslands. Here, the elves almost universally live, holding the mind as the greatest power and mystery. Other races live here as well, but the elves are dominant. There is no malice in this fact. The elves simply have had the longest to reflect on their own thoughts and mental abilities. The central figure of government is an entity known as the Thoughtnexus, a seemingly omniscient collective conciousness of past Mindwatchers. The Mindwatchers are a small group of eight and one Speaker of the Mind. The Speaker acts as the voice for the Thoughtnexus. The current Speaker is Umi Goldmind, the youngest elf ever to hold the position.

The Southwestern nation is Latar, a land of mountian ranges and marshy valleys. Here, he who holds the power makes the rules. Thus, Latar goes through changes in laws and policies more frequently than the other nations, but not so quickly as would be expected. After all, if you made your way to the top, there's a good reason you're the boss. The power can be just about anything from prodigious magical might to skill with a blade, to a silver tongue making you many friends. Despite the system of power in place, Latar is just as often ruled by benevolant rulers as tyrants.
and are not inherently evil, just ugly
Goblins are the most common race, but members of other races also call Latar home. The current ruler of Latar is Ashana, an angel that has taken a liking to the world of mortals and made her way to the top.

The Southeastern land is Wumari: a forested land of strange biology. Much of the flora and fauna are partially metal, an odd blend of the seemingly artificial and the living, all without seeming unnatural. Wumari does not have a single dominant race, but the power in this land is more commonly referred to as The Alliance: a mutual relationship between the
Delvok, the
centaurs, who exhibit the dual-nature unique to the area
Montour, and the Shiloth (members of other races are also a part of the alliance, but these are the main three). The Delvok are renowned craftsmen of all types, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to use what they make. The Montour are not only strong warriors, but they also possess a unique understanding of the world around them. The Shiloth are perhaps the strangest creatures native to Wumari. This varied and intelligent race of beasts are quite capable on living on their own, but also have the ability to form a symbiotic relationship with almost any creature, acting as weapons, armor, or other tools for the paired creature. Together, the alliance is more than strong enough to protect themselves from the more dangerous creatures that call the land home.

The three kingdoms have been warring against each other for reasons long forgotten. There have been many attempts at peace negotiations, but these kept breaking down. The ongoing war, however, has fueled a thriving black market underground. Officially this trading doesn't exist, but a fair number of people have a friend who knows a guy that can get what you want...

Character CreationCharacters will begin at 22,000 XP (normally ECL 7 +1,000) They may spend this experience in any manner they desire, including leaving it in their total.
Stat generation will be 7m5d6v2, drop the lowest roll or 40 point buy. You may roll before deciding, but there are no re-rolls. Hit points are rolled as normal.

The game would consist of three parties, each from one nation. They will all be adventuring simultaneously and one group's actions may very well affect the other two groups. PvP is possible. I am looking for at least 12 players. Deadline for applications is May 9 at 1200 Eastern US time.

Applications must include the following:
Class Build:
Country of Affiliation:
Physical Description (picture would work too):
Brief history:

Optional material includes the following:
Examples of roleplaying (links to games will be fine)
Character sheet (linked through name, please)

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