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I'm going to dispense with the flavor or 'grab' text simply because this is going to be a hard game to quantify. When I sat down and originally thought about the idea, I thought it was an amazingly cool idea and then when combined with something else became something much more interesting to say the least...

You're Not In Kansas Any More

The world as you know it is gone. In its place as an Earth that looks as though it has gone through the Dystopian World Wash and came out the other side in a lot worse shape.

This world now is controlled by the Greater German Reich, The Soviet States of Asia, The Japanese Empire, The Mayan Alliance and the Confederate States of America. Each Empire has carved out an area of the world to do as they please. Although they are not friends with each other they do realize that if World War III occurs, the entire Earth will go boom and they'll lose what they worked so hard to gain. The problem is that in reality the world is going to go boom anyway. More on that later.

Who Controls What?

The Greater German Reich controls the entire European continent west of the Soviet nation. They also control Northern Africa and much of Northeastern and Central North America and Canada. The territory in North America runs from Maine to the Rocky Mountains in the west and then south to the Mason Dixon Line where the CSA takes control. The Reich also has three orbital platforms, a base on the Moon and an outpost on Mars (which they hope to one day terraform and create a truly pure Reich world).

The Confederate States of America (what could only be considered a staunch ally of the Reich to the North) were the traditional Confederate States from the Civil War along with Cuba and the surrounding islands. The CSA also controls parts of what we would know as Northeastern Central America. The CSA has reverted to a segregated society that instead of moving forward has gone backward.

The Mayan Alliance is centered in South America. They control the entire continent as well as much of Southern Central America. Here, a magical Empire has arisen and to tell the truth, no one is sure how the Mayan Alliance even came into existence. One day it was just there and everybody in the world accepted it. Sound strange? More on that later too. With their ability with magic and teleportation, the Mayans have outposts in orbit around Jupiter and Saturn as well as have already made contact with several extraterrestrial species.

The Japanese Empire controls the Far East, some of the former Soviet Union as well as China, Australia, Hawaii and the Western United States and Canada up to the Rocky Mountains where the Reich takes control. They also control a small part of the Middle East but that is mostly under the control of the SSA. They have outposts in

The SSA (Soviet States of Asia) control much of what we once knew as the USSR. Also they control the Middle East including that hole in the ground Israel which was bombed into oblivion by the Reich twenty years ago. Some thought that event would cause World War III but the SSA was glad somebody did because the area was just being a pain in the rear.

Africa below the Sahara Desert is nothing more than a disaster (like the rest of the world isn't also). Sub-Saharan Africa has turned into the testing ground for various Empire's weapons and experiments. You need to test a viral plague? Take a few people and dump them in Africa to see what happens. Want to see if you can purify your people's bloodlines even further? Africa is place to go. Yeah... not a happy place.

So What Really Happened?

Obviously, this isn't how reality really is. So what the hell happened? Simply put, reality got rewritten. Five of the greatest supervillians got together and used a relic known as the Tapestry of Fate. This tapestry controls Earth's history and as such, the five of them figured out that if they could rewrite history, they would be able to do what they pleased. They even hoped possibly that 5 different Earths would appear and they could each rule one without any issues. That isn't exactly what happened.

So, 5 Empires now live on one Earth. They co-exist (sort of) trying to push each other to see how they would be able to go without causing the extinction of everybody and everything. Small battles break out all the time between each Empire in an attempt to gain territory but always comes up short of the entire world ending in nuclear disaster.

However, these 5 bright Supervillians didn't realize two things. First, when the Tapestry of Fate was used to rewrite history, it disappeared on this world and they can't find it anywhere. Secondly, because the Tapestry is gone (and non-existent in fact) this Earth is not tied to a solid timeframe. Therefore, if something isn't done to solidify the world soon... yeah... Earth goes boom. But honestly, that might be a good thing.

But there is a possibility... a very slim possibility of saving the Earth and clearing history up so this alternate Empire reality never existed. Problem is... do you have the guts to try it?

So... What The Heck Is This Game?

This game is a Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition game. The players will be characters on this altered Earth that is ticking towards doomsday. This game is also 'semi-open' in nature in that players will have some free reign to choose what they want to do and who, if anyone they wish to ally themselves with to start with. Those superheroes who are free or very few and far between and have been hunted down since the Empire world was created. And that timeframe's history started in 0 AC of which 70 years has passed.

So... let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

Power Level is 10. The exchange rate (lowering Toughness to gain etc.) is at a max of +5/-5. Any power that allows dimensional travel as well as time travel does not work. Slowing time and speeding up time is no problem but moving through time or into other dimensions basically fails. It's one of the reasons why this world is doomed to failure in short order.

Character Submissions need the following information. Please post your bio information here and not on your sheet. It makes it easier for me to read. Just link to the sheet itself.

Character Name, Character Origin (Either one of the 5 Empires or something else), Character Age, Character Alleigence, Character Physical Description, Character Background, Character Personality and Objectives/Goals. Also please put a very short blurb about your powers.

I know this is long and I know there will be mondo questions. But hopefully this will charge people's batteries a bit. I'm looking for no more than 8 characters and would prefer if this game started sometime the end of next week (May 9th).

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