Shadowrun: Demonic Angles

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Game Information
  • Created Apr 30 '09
  • Last Post Jul 19 '09 at 4:26am
  • Status Complete
  • System Shadowrun

Game Description

[An Introduction]
Quietly the camera zooms in on a board meeting somewhere in an underground science facility.

"So far we've found that the cure itself worksin, at best, 40% of the subjects, and kills the rest." The young doctor waved his hand and several gruesome pictures opened up in the board members AR

"Dear Lord... What can be done for the poor souls?" one of the board members gasped.

"Well, as I've said, it's still in the testing stage and there is still a long way to go before the cure is finished. But I'm confident that we can remove some of the unfortunate side effects." The scientist answered

"I sure hope so, or else we've wasted a lotta money here!" the board member said coldly, making it obvious that healing was not his primary concern.

"We knew there'd be a price tag to this project, both in money and in lives, but it's for the greater good," the chairman said quietly. "Now, from your report I understand that the 40% survivors is the best you've seen so far... What's the worse case you've seen?"
Sending some more pictures to the boardmembers PANs, the doctor said, "That's some pretty bad stuff; as you can see in pictures 13, 15, and 27, the worst cases are pretty bad...."

Slowly the camera drifts out again leaving the board members to their meeting, while the world goes on with none the wiser

[Game Master(s)]

Tsuyoshikentsu, taking over for Karth. I've been roleplaying for eight years now, GMing for five of those, and on the Weaves for a good long while. This isn't my first SR game, but it's close to it. I like more cinematic games, but ones where the characters are well and truly threatened.

[Game Explanation]
The players will run through a loose story about how far some people are willing to go for a twisted cause. It will primarily be a normal Shadowrun game set in LA, but, along with the many jobs you will get, you will get drawn into a pretty nasty web of lies and murder which should have your character jumping at shadows when it's at its worst. For more info, see the game forum.

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