1479 DR: Faerun Needs Heroes

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For nearly a decade the Spellplague savaged all the lands of Toril and for decades afterwards the peoples of Faerun, be they hard-bitten folk of the Inner Sea, fearless Northmen of the Savage Frontier or Fey-touched elves of reborn Myth Drannor, have struggled to rebuild their homes and lives. Finally in 1479 the world seems to found some level of balance again... but sadly that has allowed those that thrive in the Shadows, thrive upon Loss and Pain to creep forth into the light again as well.

Along the East Way, the long mountain road between Arabel in the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr and Highmoon in Deepingdale, on the outskirts of a tiny thorp known only as Shady Dell, in the roadside tavern known as the Gilded Lady, five individuals completely ignorant of their mighty destinies sip ale or wine or water on a pleasant early spring evening... none of them knowing that their path will finally reveal itself this night in a form none could possibly expect!

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