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The mutant world was devastated from the attacks of the sentinels on Genosha. A vast majority of the 16 million citizens that lived on the island are dead. Mutants everywhere fearing this was the only beginning of the Genocide went into hiding. Professor Charles Xavier having lead the X-men under cover all these years, and the headmaster of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youth has stepped down from his position to go help the island nation rebuild. Scott Summers and Emma Frost have become the new headmasters of the school and have taken it upon themselves to find, protect, and teach the newest generation of Mutants. They attempt to bring the dream both had bought into to fruition. The next few months were spent rebuilding the academy and searching for new incoming students to serve as the next hope for Mutantkind.


About the game and the GM

This game will be using the MURPG system, which is a resource based RPG. It is a fun system, and I personally have found some real enjoyment out of it. I personally am a big fan of the Marvel Universe and X-men in particular. So the biggest thing to remember about this game is HAVE FUN!!! MURPG like any other RPG has flaws, and I will attempt to repair as many of the flaws as i can through house rules. So yes My name is Havok on here and I will be leading you through your journey in the Marvel universe.


The premise of this game is you will all be starting your first year at the academy. i will be accepting 3-5 characters, and while there are a few over-arching themes that are always in the Marvel Universe I expect to throw everything I can from the universe at the players. That doesn't mean it is going to be all out brawling, expect a lot of role playing between the players and different NPC's at the school.

Application Process

STOP RIGHT HERE!!! This is important, I don't want any CADs in the thread. What I want from you as a player are the following things filled out so I can understand your character and get a group that might fit together. That doesn't mean we have to have every role filled, but the more well rounded the applicants the better off. What I want is write ups in each of these categories.

Name: (real name, code names come later)
Age/class year(fresh, soph, junior, senior) I would prefer Fresh/soph but others will work.
Academic/athletic interests
Family situation: tell me about your characters family, do they know if he/she is a mutant, how do they feel about that? This character is away from home and family dynamics can play a role
Motivations: why has your character joined the academy?
Personality: I want this just so I don't have a bunch of ppl that want to be wolverine and stuff
2 or three words describing your character build idea example: I plan on playing a telepathic magic user
and finally a brief Bio

Once you have finished this, you can start working on your CAD, the build will be 30 + 10 challenge stones ( 5 of these will be mutant and underage), or if you need help I can help you work on the CAD. I've built my fair share of characters.

No power will be started over 5, and I will not be using energy battery from the House Rules section. If you are taking toughness and/or Reflexive dodge I will probably be dealing with that on a case by case basis. Feel free to not take all 9 actions, focus on your characters and skills that will make sense for him/her There will be plenty of chances at advancement since we are starting at a lower starting build...any other questions feel free to message me or post them in here and I'll try and help out.

I will be closing the application process by next Friday.

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