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[The Wide World]
Hear ye hear ye, the Duke of Emington calls for a crew of brave adventurers to undertake a daring mission, to make the world entire. A world mapped exists not, and to map the world is a heroic undertaking. Whatsoever group brings unto his lordship a map of the world complete to his liking shall find them rewarded handsomely with land and title to rule. All that apply shall be given free kit for maps.

[Game Master]
Me myself and I, the incredible Zolem!

[Game Explanation]
The world is a big, wide unexplored place, filled with danger, monsters, and just the hazard of weather. It’s no wonder most maps detail so little of the world. The Duke Ignolias of Emington finds that a shame, and so sent forth a call to heroes to map the world in exchange for riches, nobility, and land. As they travel the world, the heroes will face new challenges, explore bizarre new locations, and meet amazing creatures, and if they survive those new creatures find fabulous treasures.

This is basically a ‘dungeon of the week’ type game. The heroes find themselves in a new place facing a new challenge each adventure. There is an overall reaching plot of mapping the world, and plots specific to characters will be addressed, but over all there is nothing linking that crypt of ghouls from the last adventure to the demon cultists of the next.

Role-playing, tactics, and hack and slash are all equally important to this game. As such, you need to be well rounded to fully enjoy the game. If you prefer one or the other that is fine with me, just don’t get bored when we aren’t focusing on what you enjoy.

[Application Process]
Looking for a party of 5-6

To apply simply post the following:
Name (with link to character sheet)
Race/Class (for quick reference)
Appearance (2+ sentences, pictures must not stand alone)
Background (A minimum of a paragraph, and it must contain the name of your place of birth, some info about your family, how you came to be a member of your class, and why you decided to take on this dangerous quest. Please try to keep it under 6+ paragraphs.)
Questions are welcome.

[Character Creation]
The Phb1&2, MP, and AP books are legal.
Edit: I just got Adventureres Vault, so that's legal now too.
You may be any non E or CE alignment.
The following monster races are legal:

  • Warforged
  • Goblin
  • Hobgoblin
  • Gnoll
Since it is boring to start off at level 1, and such a low lever character would never attempt something like this anyway, all characters start off at level 3 using the standard array.

For equipment, you have one magic item of level 4, one of 3, one of 2, and 520gp to buy anything else.

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