Covenant of the Flame

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The Covenant of the Flame

Just and Merciful is the Silver Flame.
Just and Merciful shall be Its mortal hand upon this earth.
As the Voice implores us to deal gently
with those unfortunates whose blood,
through no fault of their own,
keeps them ever from attaining True Purity,
and those whose ignorance leads them from the True Path,
so shall we Shelter and Protect
these poor souls within Our Borders.

Even as they strike with feral madness at Our Hearts,
as the fox might bite the hand that seeks to free it from the trap,
and even as they spit upon the name of Righteousness,
we shall cause them no harm,
and we shall endeavor to bring to Justice
any whose fervor or whose outrage
brings down harm upon them.

For it is we who rightfully tend the Silver Flame,
and so it is we whose rightful duty it is to tend this world
and to act as stewards to its lesser creations.

Emperor Brănadin Celedamir Súrroth IV
to the assembled Lords of Isandor
07/07/1151 AF

The Story: The rapid expansion of the
A Lawful Good society
Empire of Isandor over the last five centuries has resulted in the displacement and, to some extent, the persecution of non-humans and followers of the
See Cotf Original Advertisement; 1.0 Campain Setting, Religion - particularly The Silver Flame
Old Religions. After a series of grisly murders in the capital shocked and horrified the Imperial citizenry, the Emperor himself, in concert with the
See 1.0 Campain Setting, Religion
Voice, called for the establishment of an autonomous government agency with branch offices throughout the Empire for the purpose of investigating crimes against protected minorities.

Unfortunately, before the Writ of the Covenant could be passed into law, it was subjected to a series of revisions, riders, and diversion of funds into varied causes and pet projects of the Lords of Isandor. Despite this severe curtailing of resources, branch offices of the Covenant have begun to spread throughout the Empire, due in large part to the generous support of sympathetic nobles, wealthy merchant guilds, and anonymous donations.

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