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This is a game that will be based on the fourth installment of the elder scrolls series, commonly Referred to as "Oblivion". as such, the following races (and what their stats actually are) are shown here:

Dunmer (Half-Drow stats)
Altmer (High Elf)
Bosmer (Wood Elf)
Orsimer (Orc)
Breton (Half-Elf)
Redguard (Human)
Argonian (Lizardfolk with no Racial HD)
Nord (Neanderthal)
Kahjit (Catfolk)
Imperial (Human)
Akiviri (Human)
Half-Orc (Half-Orc)
Half-Elf (Half-Elf)

If you wish to make another race, I will allow it if it makes sense

This version of the game will take place along the main storyline of oblivion, but you will have all other things open to you such as the fighter's guild, the Thieve's guild, and the dark brotherhood. also, don't feel constrained to stay in Cyrodiil - This is techincally Dungeons and Dragons, and as such you may move from place to place as much as you like. On top of this, this being Dungeons and Dragons means that I will be inserting Side Quests into the game for you take on. I wish to take this game from level 1 to about Level 15.

That said, My books are as follows:

All "Races" Books (including Eberron and Faerun), "Complete" Series, Core, PHB II, Heroes of Horror/Battle, Environmentals (Frostburn, Stormwrack, Sandstorm), Exalted Deeds, Vile Darkness, Planar handbook, Weapons of legacy, Savage Species, Tome of Magic, Libris Mortis, Drow of the Underdark, Fiend Folio, Arms and Equipment Guide, DMG II, MM II-IV, Lords of Madness, Draconomicon, Eberron/Forgotten Realms Campaign setting, Oriental Adventures (for the akiviri among us), Unearthed Arcana (LA buyoff supported!), Tome of Battle

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