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An Overheard ConversationCorporal: "Major, there's a messenger for you."
Major: "Very well, send them in."
A moment later...
Messenger: "Sir." hands the message over. Tearing sounds, then pages flipping.
Major: "CORPORAL!!!"
Corporal: "Sir?"
Major: "Get me the Commander for the Warhawks!!"
Corporal: "Sir, you sent the Warhawks to take the Gelvadi Pass."
Major: "That's right, I did. Well, the Dragonblades, then."
Corporal: "Sir, the Dragonblades were sent to deal with the Bandit Kings."
Major: "What about the Lionhearts?"
Corporal: "They haven't returned from breaching the necromancer's fortress, sir."
Major: "Dammit, then who's here? Wait, don't tell me..."
Corporal: "That's right, sir. The Red Wolves."
Major: "Well, it can't be helped. Bring me the Red Wolves commander."

Yes, the Red Wolves. Of all the units in this army, the Red Wolves retain the least respect from the other units. Of the entire army, the Red Wolves have the oddest makeup: living constructs, gnomes, halflings, and catfolk are merely the beginning of who the Red Wolves allow in their ranks. Not only that, but instead of only scouts, fighters and warmages, the Red Wolves allow several other disciplines as well.
You are the Red Wolves. For the last two years, you have been part of a broad military campaign, striving to wipe out evil. However you came to join this army, you are now called upon for an important mission. Can you fulfill your duties and erase others preconceptions of your ragtag unit, or are you doomed to fail?

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