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This is gonna be a game where you create your own Marvel Super Heroes and duke it out with each other, or play as one of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes or Villains, however you want. It'll be a free-form arena, with several matches, arranged in the Watcher's Post, there's possibility for a campaign, and if anyone feels they're up to being a judge themselves, let me know. Either way backstory/roleplaying is somewhat important. Remember, if your a mutant, your persecuted, if your an Avenger, people'll know you... In the case of a mutant though, if you went to Xavier's School, tell who recruited you. This is an alternate Marvel Universe, so feel free to use other heroes in your tale (Rena and Akihiro's brother/sister).

Go ahead and roll dice in the dice roll section, under character area.
Thanks to AmyRose for the Format
how to in detail.

Even if you know how to do this PLEASE read because if you don't follow our format listed below you might not get accepted.

Legal book can be found online for RPG use:

okay we will start off with the basics


*Name- Choose a name
*Age- this is tricky, it really depends on your Origin (look below)
*Gender- Even if your a robot or alien you at least LOOK male or female.
*Origin- This means what you are. You can be the following:

Mutant- A human who is born with a special ability. These abilities USUALLY show up at the point of puberty but there are RARE cases when someone under the age of 14 shows these abilities (with the exception of physical developments such as skin color and deformities)
Altered Human- These are normal people who have been GIVEN Super Powers. Examples are Spiderman, Captin America, Hulk and Black Cat. (18 and up)
Hi-Tech Wonder these are normal people who use technology as a way to PORTRAY super human abilities. Examples are Ironman, Batman (different area I know), and Col. Fury. (cyborgs go here)(14 and up)
Robot- This is a non-living being. A robot. (any age duh!)
Alien- someone who wasn't born on EARTH. (any age)

(Altered human wasn't listed so I will list it for you: Altered humans get 1 extra Power)

*Alignment- Are you a Hero or Villain?

After you choose this you move along to stats.

These are the main stats:

Fighting: This stat/Ability is how well you fight in armed and unarmed battle.
Agility: This reflects maneuverability, accuracy with thrown weapons. Basically how fast you are.
Strength: the amount of weight a person can lift/throw. Also how much dmg you do while using brute strength.
Endurance: how much you can withstand! Effects HP and def.
Reason: intellegence. How well you know things and how well your mind works.
Intuition: Observation how well you notice things around you (spidey sense)
Psyche: willpower and inner strength (resistance to magic and Physic abilities)

make 8 dice rolls (1d100 each). You will be keeping the best 7 numbers. Post what you have so far and use the numbers you gained. We do this so we can check your work so we can see that you are doing things correctly. By the end you will have a few posts under your application, don't worry.

Okay after you open a new post list your stats

Fighting: 85
Agility: 15
Strength: 45
Endurance: 96
Reason: 45
Intuition: 54
Psyche: 64

Now look up Each of the numbers table 25 (on page 37) in book given in link.

Fighting: Incredible (40)
Agility: typical (6)
Strength: Excellent (20)
Endurance: Amazing (50)

ect ect... My Strength stat tells me I can lift Object up to Excellent Rank in weight. The number beside it says i can do 20 dmg just using a punch or a kick with out using ANY powers at all.

Now on to powers.

Do ONE dice roll. 1d100 Now with your given number from the roll look up how many powers you get (on page 37) Table 27.

POST AGAIN and Choose what powers you want to have. Each power costs ONE power slot unless it has an * next to it.

Make a Roll for each power and that chooses your power's Rank. POST AGAIN with these rolls and use the Table 25 (on page 37) to determin Ranks.

For Tallents we will start you off with 4. Read the Talent area for more info on that (page 44/55 and on) You can gain more buy spending Karma points.

Now you have all the information except Health, Karma, and popularity. POST AGAIN!

This is your final post so make it as clean as possible okay? This is what you should look like so far.

name: Amy
Age: 18
gender: female
Origin: mutant
Alignment: Hero

Powers: Details (include rank name and number)


Now you need Karma, Health, and Popularity

we will add resources at a latter time due to lack of GM experience. popularity will also be set at a base of 200 (unless your a mutant then you go off the penalties given to you).

The way you find out your Health is by adding your Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance Rank numbers together.

Fighting: Incredible (40)
Agility: typical (6)
Strength: Excellent (20)
Endurance: Amazing (50)

Health = 116

To find Karma Add your Reason, Intuition, and Psyche Rank numbers together.

Just add these to your final draft and make it look clean. Like this:


name: Amy Health: ### Popularity:###
Age: 18 Karma: ###
gender: female
Origin: mutant
Alignment: Hero

Powers: Details (include rank name and number)


Bio: (optional for fun)

As part of the acceptance process a GM will PM you and you will talk to them about what your powers will be able to do. When your both happy (or the GM(s) think it is as reasonable as possible) You will be accepted. We will then re-post for you, your character sheet in the accepted area with a listed detail on how your powers will work.

I know its alot to read and thank you for sticking with it! We made it this way so we can see how you rolled, make sure you added everything correctly and so we can also make everyone start evenly.

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