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Having made your way to the small town of Oakhurst you have been offered a lucrative contract by the matriarch of a wealthy merchant family. Kerowyn Hucrele has seen two of her kin disappear into the bowels of an ancient goblin infested fortress in search of wealth and glory; she offers you each 125gp if you can return with either of her kins signet rings and twice that if you can return them safe and sound. Of course you are also free to help yourself to any valuables you encounter during your quest...

Goals: A quick no nonsense dungeon crawl, roleplaying will not be emphasized though I hope it occurs and I will attempt to keep the action fast and furious (for PBP). For those who do not know the Sunless Citadel is a module by Bruce R. Cordell.

Level: 1st level likely taking the group to 3rd.

Setting: Generic Greyhawk in the general vicinity of the city of Greyhawk itself. PHB gods, although you may also utilize those in Complete Divine.

Races: Only those in the PHB or MMI with no level adjustment.

Character Generation: 32 point buy. Max HP at first level rolls thereafter. Gold will be the maximum available for your class. One flaw may be selected in exchange for an additional first level feat.

Applications: Should follow the format below with a link to the character sheet provided asap.


Start: I will kick the game off as soon as I feel I have 6 acceptable candidates, the sooner the better.

Who is the DM: I am an experienced real life and, to a lesser extent, PBP DM who quit enmass my games as both player and DM having seriously oversubscribed. Thus I will be stricking to a strict policy of DMing only one game and playing in no more than two.

After: If the game completes succesfully - a big if in PBP - I will consider continueing.

Books Available: Core, all Completes save Psionic, Races of the Wild and Races of Stone, PHB II, Spell Compendium, Magic Item Compendium, Frostburn, Sandstorm, Stormrack, Cityscape, Dungeonscape, Unearthed Arcana. And nothing else I am afraid. I reserve the right to disallow things from within the books, but generally only combos commonly reguarded as imbalancing.

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