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  • Created Jun 2 '09
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  • System World of Darkness

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rev*e*la*tion [rev-uh-ley-shuhn]
1. the act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure.
2. something revealed or disclosed, esp. a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized.
3. Theology God's disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures.
4. Also called Revelations, The Revelation of St. John the Divine. the last book in the New Testament; the Apocalypse.
-- entry from

This is a chronicle regarding the revelation of the supernatural. The Masquerade has failed and the Veil pierced- all supernaturals have lost their innate cloaks and been revealed to the human masses. This is a story of how the characters are given central stage, as the eyes of world fall upon them- their actions shall be the measure by which the world reacts. Will the government try to blend such beings under its lawful aegis? Shall the fears of the communities come true, as mortals begin the largest scale witch hunt the world has ever known?

This is a chronicle regarding the revelation of the End Times. The Mayan calendar claims that the current age shall end upon the 21st of December, in the year 2012. They were right, and the revelation of the supernatural is only the first of the signs- "The Blind shall see." The first of the seven seals has been broken. The four Horsemen prepare to ride. Mabus seeks the throne over the nations. And you stand in the midst of the maelstrom.


A little over two months ago, the natural camouflages that the supernatural creatures of the world relied upon to hide them from the mortal world began to fail. Vampires could still apply the Kiss, giving their victims incredible delight, but those victims know that they were being fed upon, and clearly gaze upon their drinker’s reflection. Lunacy could still inflict outrageous fear, yet that fear would no longer rob a person of the truth of what they saw. Sleepers witness Awakened sorcery and remember every detail of it. The Masks that the Lost and Created relied upon to hide their physical deformities and transformations fell, and only great efforts could raise them again. The world is but a hair’s breath away from mass discovery of the creatures that lived in humanity’s shadow.

This is where you step in. Perhaps you were given this job by your King, your Prince, or your elders. Maybe you took the initiative upon yourself to step forward. Or were you tracked down and personally invited by another to come? In the end, you agreed- You will be among the first of the supernatural races to appear on public television, live broadcast, and be one of the first to “come out of the coffin”- to reveal the truth to a disbelieving world. Your actsions, on this broadcast and after, will determine how the world reacts to the presence of the supernatural hidden among them. The world’s eyes will be turned towards you. Will those eyes be full of wonder and awe? Fear and reverence? Burning hatred reflecting the blast of a shotgun?

And this is only the beginning. Conquest, the first of the Four Horsemen, is loading his bow in preparation. A new age is coming- and you will be the ones to determine how it comes.


Character Creation:
Name (with link to character sheet)
Virtue- a small sentence or two explaining how this virtue relates to your character
Vice- Same as above.

Everyone starts with 45 extra experience points- you’ve been around for a bit, growing into your own, a force within your own right. You also begin play with three dots in Fame- everyone is going to recognize your faces after this broadcast. Contrats. You’re celebrities.

However, you cannot have any Status in supernatural communities. Too many people are unsure as to the Big Reveal to quietly accept you in their ranks. However, you may still gain the benefits of some societies through Mentors.

When writing your character’s background, keep the “Spark of Life” sections from the core books in mind. Especially the bit about future goals- I would like each person to have two or three long-term goals, along with a few ideas on how to accomplish this. Just because you’re in the spotlight means you get to drop everything else. Your characters still have dreams and goals, and I would like to see them- this is a very character driven story, after all. Be sure to include your background, appearance, and personality in your final character submission.


Accepted Books:
Core WoD:

  • Armory
  • Armory Reloaded
  • Book of Spirits
  • Changing Breeds (some restrictions may apply)
  • Immortals
  • Inferno
  • Reliquary
  • Second Sight
  • Skinchangers

Vampire the Requiem
  • All five core covenant books
  • All five clan books
  • All four bloodline books (Hidden, Legendary, Chosen, Ancient)

Werewolf the Forsaken
  • The Rage
  • Lore of the Forsaken
  • Blood of the Wolf

Mage the Awakening
  • Tome of the Mysteries (highly recommended)
  • Both Legacy Books
  • Sanctum & Sigil
  • Summoners
  • Magical Traditions

Promethean the Created
  • Magnum Opus (suggested reading for below house-rule)
  • Strange Alchemies
  • Saturnine Night

Changeling the Lost
  • Winter Masques
  • Rites of Spring


House Rules

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