Land of the Lost

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  • Created Jun 16 '09
  • Last Post Jul 19 '09 at 4:48pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Modern

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"And in the last days of humanity, We shall look upon what we have wrought with fear"
- So sayeth the great Cherkov Alexandriesk.

Ten years ago a powerful apocalypse swept the world. With the discovering of ancient ruin, the destruction came to be. The explorers and scientists there stopped communication after a disturbing message of creatures, demons, and undead. Within a week communications were caught of from Africa, the land in which the ruins were found. Within a month Parts of Europe, including France, Belgium and south Germany, and Most of Asia. Within a year the old world was gone, leaving north and south america alone. Those that did not die came here seeking shelter with tales of mass outbreaks of "cannibalism" and whole fields of crops wilting. The original story from the first coming. With the coming of the final survivors the tales grew more wild, and those out there were not allowed in. Canada and the united states sealed a pact with each other and became known as "Das Weiße Rosenreich" or the white rose, underneath the Ruler ship of High Lord Cherkov Alexandriesk. Outbreaks like this bring out the best in some, and the worse in others. Cherkov ruled the newly formed alliance with an iron fist, placing all funds into military and health research programs. Military members were sent to all possible borders and entries into the lands. Whole cities where walled off in preparation of the imminent attack of these "demons". Five years passed before any signs. A man appeared from Great Britain. He was allowed entry for he bared the imperial seal. When he was asked for any clue as to what was going on over there he screamed, for what seem like hours. Then he died. The military there where very disturbed by what happened. Suddenly the body got up and charged at the nearest soldier. He appeared to bite him but there was blood, when teeth shouldn't be able to pierce the bulletproof armor, nor the cloth underneath. The man went down screaming in pain as his arm was almost torn clean off. Soldiers in the area where shocked by what they saw for just a moment before gunning both members down. Sending a message to Cherkov they burned both bodies just in case. At 10:50pm that evening the message was sent. To all Soldiers of the Das Weiße Rosenreich. This is an emergency situation. Allow no one into your city for a span of 3 days. Allow no one to leave your city for 3 days. We are under imminent threat from unknown sources in the east. Today i send 40 of our bravest and best men. Good luck.Begrüßen Sie alle die Weiße Rose!

You are one of these men. It is up to you and your squad to find out what your up against, and hopefully stop it.

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