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  • Created Jun 18 '09
  • Last Post Aug 27 '09 at 11:39pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description


Cutaway Scene: Kalee a separatist world held in subjugation by the Galatic Republic comes into the command bridge view on board the Inexorable an Acclamator Class Assault Ship. Kalee is one of the many battlefronts of the Clone Wars.

Starship Captain Tarce Benit stands aboard the bridge gazing out at the planets surface. Two officers stand at his sides, bridge crew at their posts, and clone troopers flanking the bridge doors.

Benit turns to the officer at his left, the Senior Weapons Officer Commander Kyle Levt, “have we completed the neutralization of ground defenses”

Kyle replies “Defense forces and installations are 65% destroyed, the remaining forces and installations are 98.5% pacified or disengaged.”

“Excellent report to me when we are at 100%.”

“Yes Sir”

Benit turns to the officer to his right Jedi General Zwe Ansur. “We are in position, are your troops prepared for landing general.”

“We are loaded and ready Captain.”

“Head to your ship and await my command for deployment.”

“Yes Captain”

The scene view shifts to the underside of the Inexorable. Assault Vessels begin to emerge and head for the planets 4 city star ports. Shuttles bring 6000 troopers to the cities capital and 3000 to each other star port city. City scenes, which show spotted smoking signs of recent bombardment are strangely peaceful as row upon row of clone trooper emerge unchallenged form drop shuttles. Organized deployment ensues radiating outward from the star port to key installations shortly thereafter. The four cities controlling all stellar activity to Kalee and effectively and ruthlessly subjugated.

Please review the game forums for more information, including character creation and strating information available to players.

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