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---Incoming Transmission---
Decrypting... Decrypted

If you are reading this, you have proven that your loyalties lie with the true Emperor of the galaxy. I shall cut right to the thick of things in an attempt to save time. You have been selected due to your unquestionable loyalties as well as your talents in your field. You are to become a member of one of several strike forces being assembled for special ops. You are to report to Cloud City, Bespin in one week, Bespin time. Once there, you shall be contacted. Speak to no one about this message and maintain absolute secrecy in regards to your new occupation and destination. This message shall now terminate.
---Transmission Ended---

One week ago, this message was sent to each of you. All you know is that you have been chosen by an anonymous sender to do what you do best. You've had a week to prepare, and now you find yourself on a shuttle heading to Cloud City. Your future remains a mystery, you life spiraling out of your hands. May the Force be with you... You'll need it.

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