The Thin Line Between Good and Evil

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In Faerun, separating good from evil is rarely uncomplicated. There is no such thing as pure good or pure evil. The most pure, righteous paladin can justify her actions as being right because she serves the cause of good. Yet she can easily be misguided by pride or manipulated by those above her, and those she vanquishes in her quest perhaps did not deserve their fate. On the other hand, the most vile, evil necromancer has the capacity to do good. Necromantic magic by itself is not evil. It is how it is used that ultimately determines its motives. So, where do you stand? Do you live by a code of honor, or do good deeds out of a sense of duty? Or perhaps do you see life as being too short to worry about rules and morals? Do you think about yourself first and no one else second? I am interested to see whether these questions will get you thinking a bit more about alignment and why people do what they do, what their true motivations really are.

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