Twilight of Blood

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Game Information
  • Created Jun 30 '09
  • Last Post May 19 '10 at 3:29pm
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description


A crossover game between Hunter: The Vigil, Changeling: The Lost and Werewolf: The Forsaken.


A middle-aged woman is found dead in her home, locked inside her windowless bathroom. Her heart is missing, and her face shows nothing but surprise.

A young fortune-teller dies of a heart-attack in the middle of a sťance, after screaming cryptic phrases to the other attendants. She clutches L'Arcane Sans Nom in her right hand.

A grave lies open in the local cemetery, the coffin inside torn to pieces, and the body is yet to be found. It is the eighth time it happens in the past three months.

A teenaged clairvoyant, after taking one beating too many from his alcoholic father, asks his best friend over the phone if he can stay over for the night. The friend agrees. The teenager leaves at dusk. He never makes it to his friend's house.

High-schoolers whisper that there's a femme fatale on the loose. They say that she seeks young couples that are truly in love, waits until one of them cheats on the other, and then drives a kitchen knife through the betrayer's heart.

A biologist is reported missing by his girlfriend one day, when she arrives to his flat to find it empty and every window, glass and mirror is found broken. A single drop of blood adorns one of the countless shards.

A motley of four Changelings, each one a member of each Seasonal Court, is found dead one morning, their bodies arranged to make it seem as if every one of them had dealt the killing blow to another.

A sudden blackout lasts for exactly 274 seconds in a quiet suburb, and in that minuscule window of time, an entire family disappears.

A ruthless businesswoman is found dismembered inside an abandoned warehouse, seemingly the victim of an elaborate deathtrap.

A Hunter opens his front door at dusk and an elderly woman stumbles in, calling him 'brother'. She resembles his younger sister, who went missing when she was five years old, the very day he took up the Vigil. That was ten years ago. The woman, covered in cuts and bruises, dies of exhaustion that very night. The man, distraught, transcribes everything into his journal. By dawn, he has disappeared, and so has her body.

The homeless near Hawthorne Lake say that if you cross the Hawthorne Bridge alone at twilight, you never make it to the other side. Sometimes they're right.

'Man or woman, nobody's safe from his charms,' the clubgoers say with a knowing look. 'He can make you believe he's always been your best friend, your lifelong lover, or your long-lost brother. And then, it only takes a moment of distraction before he pulls out a scalpel and slits your throat.' Or so the rumour goes.

Every now and then the church bells ring thirteen times instead of twelve. That day, someone who has felt true love dies with a silver dagger through their heart.

A blind Changeling trades away her memories of sight for the name of her true love. They marry the following week. The last day of their honeymoon, a friend of hers finds them dead. She sports a bullet hole in her chest, and he sports one in his temple. He holds the gun. A seemingly clear case of murder and suicide, except for one detail: Her eyes are missing.

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