The Touch of Kelemvor

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"All who are dead must pass through the Fugue Plane, realm of Kelemvor, before meeting their final fate, for his alone is the dominion of the dead. This edict is and forever shall be enacted above all others, and any who transgress upon it do so at the forfeiture of their own souls."

An extract from the Book of the Last Night

A local hero of Aglarond, Jothan Ironspell, has fallen in battle, and all attempts to raise him from the dead have failed - and he is not the only one. All across Faerūn, something or someone is stealing and devouring the spirits of the departed, in defiance of the Lord of the Dead. As the friends of Jothan gather to mourn his passing and remember him, they are thrust headlong into unraveling the mystery of these soulless, and all signs point to the Shadowfell, and an ancient fortress with a monstrous secret...

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