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There are always businesses, governments and various other factions who need some extra muscle once in a while. Sometimes its to guard a facility, other times its to make sure that the rival corporation doesn't develop that technology before you do. There are still other times when nothing can be done about a problem except to use brute force and that's where the Crimson Legion comes in.

We are a combat ready mercenary group who are looking for a few good people to join our ranks. We pay well and give good benefits for our employees. We provide ongoing training and simulations in our many facilities around the world. We also work with many different types of people with a wide range of backgrounds and histories. We don't care who you were or what you did because once you join the Legion, that no longer matters.

Welcome to the 21st century. Welcome to the Crimson Legion.

Game Information

This is an advertisement for The Crimson Legion, a 2nd Edition Mutants and Masterminds game. All characters will be playing members of the Crimson Legion, newly recruited. Think of them as a PMC (private military contractor) if it gives you a better grasp for things. They have worked for a wide variety of clients on both sides of the law (AEGIS and SHADOW for example). In some ways, they are kind of like the French Foreign Legion as well. When you join them, where you come from matters no longer.

Character Generation/Application Information

All characters MUST be combat capable. In other words, when you come up with your concept, you need to ask the question: "If I was a recruiter for a combat ready mercenary organization who needs people who can kill people, would this character fit the bill?" If that question cannot be answered the affirmative with a loud YES, then you need to rethink the character. I'm not looking for eight carbon clones but I'm looking for all characters to be combat ready soldiers first.

A character has two options for joining this game (either one is viable and I probably will run 2 groups if it turns out that way):

1 - Metahuman character. This is the standard PL 10, 150 PP character. You can use the core rulebook for generating the sheet. Ultimate Power is limited to the non-'Create a Power' rules. In other words, use it for extras, feats, etc. but don't start creating your own powers and expect me to allow it. Standard Trade-offs apply.

2 - Normal human. This is a PL 5 with 100 PP character. This one is a normal, non-powered person who has joined the Legion. This will use the information set down in Agents of Freedom.

A note on equipment. Only use equipment and device points on things that are required SPECIFICALLY for your character. If you need just a standard assault rifle, tactical vest and boots, expect it will be given to you by the Legion. The group may receive 100 equipment points to spend on a cache of their own once the game starts.

Application Requirements

I would rather use a stat block (including how you spent your points) in a post. However, I know how people use the sheets here and I don't mind if you go that route. However, along with the complete sheet, I would like the following information:

Character Real Name and Code Name
Character Date of Birth and Place of Birth
ID Number (is a string of 5, dash, 5 where it can be either a letter or number) Example 4AT57 - 36Y89.
Physical Description (Photo is optional, but you should be able to describe your character pretty well)
Personal Background
Military/Combat Background (This is where you tell me what you have done in the past in combat and/or military actions. IF your character is civilian and hasn't seen any combat, it's okay, but you may get thrown into boot camp to see what you can handle).
Motivations and Objectives (Why did you join The Crimson Legion and what are you looking to get out of it?)
Subplots (If there's something you want to explore with your character put it here)

The Crimson Legion pretty much knows everything about a possible recruit before you walk in the door. So mystery backgrounds etc. are not going to work. Also, if you want to run an alien or somebody from another world, PM me first to see if I'll go for it.

I'm looking for a group of 6 to 8 people and this does not have a deadline. Personally, if I can get the game running by the 11th of July, I'd be very happy. But honestly, I'll shoot for the 18th.

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