Game Description

Amadar is a land of many wonders. Many different races gather in vast metropolises while creatures of all sorts wander uncharted territories. Ruins of ancient civilizations dot the landscape and vast lands are waiting to be explored. Power is there to be had by any strong enough to take it.

Come join me in expanding my homebrew world of Amadar. I am looking for three groups of five, each with a different starting place. What you do from there is entirely up to you, even splitting off if you feel necessary. Just be aware that the world is a dangerous place to be alone. All groups will start at level 2, with pretty much any source being available. I just ask that you review the racial backgrounds or ask me about a race if not mentioned as there may be some differences from what you are used to, i.e. Orcs are not always savage barbarians.

For applications I will be allowing everyone who wishes it to apply for two of the three groups. My only requirement is that one person from each group be able to review the character sheets of another group in case I miss something. Also every character will receive a starting bonus of my choosing. If you work something unique into your background I may be able to include it (just donít expect to start with a Dragon companion or anything).

Name: Easy enough
Class: Just name the source and it will probably be approved. (No psionics as I am not familiar with them)
Race: Same as above. On Amadar very few races are alignment restricted, even Drow or Orcs. Just remember that it needs to be included in the background why they have gone away from the norm. Also no races have favored classes anymore.
Starting group: Pick ONE of the groups per application.
Personality: How you will interact with others. Also include quirks or characteristics others may notice right away.
Appearance: What others see when they look at you.
Background: How you became what you are today. What events shaped you into the character you now are. Where and how did you learn your skills and abilities. Most people donít just pick up a sword and start fighting, or start slinging spells around.

Applications will be continuous I ask that posts be made at least every other day, though I can post just about every day depending on the speed of the players. Let me know if you plan on being away for some time, and I will do you the same courtesy.

Ask me here or PM me any questions you may have. For more complete backgrounds I once again ask everyone to read the game threads prior to submission of your character. I look forward to the submissions and canít wait to get started. And if you arenít selected do not worry as eventually I plan on have four or five games running at one time.

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