The Return of the Cylons

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  • Created Jul 18 '09
  • Last Post Oct 12 '09 at 8:47pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Serenity

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Game DescriptionThe Cortex Gaming system(also known as the Serenity or Battlestar Galactica system) is a stylized setting designed to impart high drama and action without worrying too much about specifically quantifiable things such as squares, character levels, or the like. It is different from DnD in that it is very much opposed to power-gaming or hack 'n slash play styles. It is different from GURPS due to its cinematic, non-statistics-based style. And it is different from World of Darkness in its emphasis on quick action with fewer consequences. I really enjoy GURPS and WoD, but it is important to note the difference in Cortex gaming ahead of time. If this sounds good to you, then there is really no reason not to play; you do not need to own the Serenity or Battlestar Galactica rulebooks to play this game, though they are helpful.

This game will not be a Battlestar Galactica RPG. It will be based on the same history and inspired by the events of the show by Ronald Moore, but this RPG will be in its own universe, and the plot, characters, and events will be distinct from those of the show. Essentially speaking, this game's universe will begin with the opening sequences of the BSG miniseries and diverge from there. Many themes will be the same as the show: sacrifice, betrayal, the loss of morale, and the limits of total war. Also, the background and mythology of the show will also be intact.

SettingIt is the year 2004 AE(After the Exodus, referring to the mythological exodus from Kobol).

In 1952 AE, the Twelve Colonies of Man united for the first time against a common enemy. Machines known as Cylons, created by the prosperous Caprican government's computer and robotics division, had rebelled and launched a devastating attack on the Colonies. Launching attacks using the latest military robots developed by the Colonies, the Cylons had the immediate upperhand. Only the might of the united Colonies and the twelve Battlestar flagships were able to turn back the Cylon Raiders and launch successful attacks on the Cylon Basestars themselves. Finally, with the successful Colonial Operation Raptor Talon, the Cylons sued for an armistice and fled known space.

The war had lasted twelve years, ending in 1964 AE. With the war finally over, the Colonies formalized laws against the development of AI, hoping to never repeat the mistakes that created the first Cylons. In the forty years following, the Twelve Colonies prospered--their combined population reaching some 20 billion souls and their fleet numbering over a hundred battlestars. A small outpost was built on the Cylon border and called Armistice Station. It was hoped that the Cylons would maintain communications by sending future envoys to the station at an annual meeting.

Each year, the Colonial Fleet sends a representative. The Cylons send no one.

Style Introduction"Colonial Heavy 694, this is CFS Agamemnon. Transmit clearance codes and prepare to be boarded for inspection," Lieutenant Hammond droned into his station's communicator. He spun in his chair to face the destroyer's commander. "Colonial Heavy 694 acknowledges our orders, Colonel. They are awaiting inspection before proceeding into Colonial Inner Space."

"Launch the inspection team aboard a raptor, along with viper escort," Colonel Nelson growled. He'd been commanding a border patrol destroyer for three years now, and the monotony of boarding out-system tourist ships and sniffing out the occasional arms dealer or smuggler was getting old.

The Agamemnon's CIC--Combat Information Center--was a matte gray washed in pale amber ambient light from the screens of a dozen computer stations. It racketed with the constant din of a ship under-weigh, readouts chirruping out of printers, scanners bleeping, and a half dozen crew passing along orders and readings to each other at any given moment.

"Sir," Lt. Hammond blurted, his hand cupping his station's headset. "We've got a priority transmission from BSG 82, encryption Constellation-Meteor-4-X-ray."

"Put it through to my set," Nelson snapped back, picking up his headset nodding to his Executive Officer to pick up hers as well. "This is Agamemnon, actual."

"This...Titus, actual." A panicked voice came over the headset, punctuated by static and background clatter.

"Gerald? You're commanding Titus? What happened to Commander Kyne?" Nelson tried to keep his voice calm, but its volume was rising nonetheless.

" Systems...catastrophic...abandoning ship. We're...attack," the transmission cut off.

"Mister Hammond," Nelson growled. "Restore the transmission and get a decent connection this time."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I can't," Hammond gestured helplessly. "The transmission was cut off at the source. Titus is no longer transmitting."

Nelson sighed, shaking his head. His XO stood by, unconcerned or at least unworried. Then the Colonel gave his next order:

"Action stations."

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