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Game Information
  • Created Jul 21 '09
  • Last Post Oct 19 '09 at 2:39am
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

[Game Explanation]
This nWoD chronicle will be a Genius: the Transgression game. It will focus on the efforts of one Collaborative to seize world domination amidst their peers, other metanormals, Hunters, Clockstoppers, and more.

[Game Master(s)]
Yo. Right here.

[Allowed Books]
nWoD Core, Genius: the Transgression

[Application Process]
I'm not looking for a complete sheet, for a change. All I need is a short description of your concept, your Catalyst, etc. Profiles will be chosen based on how interesting and roleplayable they are. The actual character creation will be taking place on the game forum, on a one-on-one basis between player and ST (that's me).

Due date is July 30th.

The setting is Destiny's Chessboard, the Empire City. The City So Nice They Named It Twice.

New York City, people. Come on! The game begins in March of 2010, ICly.

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