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The battles between good and evil have played out since before the gods and goddesses themselves were conceived. These battles have played out in every race on every plane of existence. But now the battle between good and evil has taken a dire turn on the material realm between the most powerful creatures of the realm and arguably of any realm; the dragons.

Tiamat's brood has finally gained the upper hand on her brother's allies. This swing has emboldened allies of evil to strike the mortal realm with a vengeance. Whether such a strike is coordinated with the chromatic dragons is unclear, though not impossible. What is know is that the forces of good are losing on all fronts. The pendulum has swayed towards the domination of the material plane. Only those whom serve Tiamat and her forces of evil or bow to them escape execution by the terrible horde.

Despite the systematic slaughter of resistance, pockets of resistance still cling to the hope that Tiamat can be brought low with the help of the remaining good dragons and their allies. Hope is dim in these times but there is a light. The gods and goddesses of good led by Bahamut are fighting back.

That is where you come in. Trapped in one of the last strongholds you battle for a foothold in the world. For a chance that the future generations of the world won't be born into the suffering that you now see before you. Using your wits, your wits, and what you can muster for equipment you must fight against the tyranny and suffering that now plagues the material plane, driving back Tiamat's spawn and other evils back to the abyss.

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