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Soladís, a Land of Magic

It is a land of magic, a land full of possibilities and wonders; this is a land of Gods and those aspiring to become immortals themselves. The Gods of Old gave birth to their children, and those children taught the first generation of Gods; however, their jealousy and differences in ideals would lead to conflict and despair. The First Age of Soladís knew only sorrow and bloody skies, it would be the Second Age of Soladís and the ages later to shape it and bring it to peace. The Gods of Light and Darkness lay their intrigues in place, while the Gods of Order stand watch and the Gods of Chaos stand eager. The Gods of Death and Creation have long refuted their involvement and continue elsewhere their labors and works.

The third age met with a greater force no mortal could ever fathom, referred and cursed forever as the Invasion of Chaos, the cosmic destroyer of worlds who's influence and power lead him to Soladis. The land's magic fueled his powers in unspeakable measure, it was a time when both God and Mortal stood alongside each other to fight possibly a losing battle. Yet in the end, the races of Soladís must fend for themselves, their lives are their own, and each life has a story to tell, in the Land of Magic.

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