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Be one of the four chosen by the Imperial Recruiting Service

This fine Empire
As the Elite Militia Force:

Applications accepted in person only at
Center for Imperial Efforts
Main Street
City of Thran
Dawn til Dusk
First & Second days of the Sixth-Moon

Applications should include:
For Identification: Name, Race, Gender
Skillset, Reason for Applying to Serve
(If you cannot read or write, a scribe will be made available to you.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You see this advertisement posted everywhere: trees, signposts, markets, even on the side of a bridge crossing the smaller streams in the hills. But you hadn’t forgotten… nor had many of the youth longing for the excitement of the Outer Regions where the relative peace and prosperity of the Inner Region of Altara is a distant memory.

Every two years, each of the twelve regions of the Empire has its recruiting conferences. Four volunteers are chosen – often from dozens, even hundreds of applicants – to be trained and to serve the Imperial Special Forces. Those who do not make the cut, often opt for General Service, and become the Imperial Militia. Conversely, many who were not old enough to apply in previous years serve in their local Imperial Militia to gain the skills and experience they think will be useful in getting them a chance for the Imperial Special Forces. Anyone can serve in the General Militia. But you must be chosen to serve in the Special Forces… and now is your chance.

You plan to be there the morning of the Conference. But you are not the only one. Many, many humans, all sizes, shapes – men and women – a few Halflings, more than a handful of dwarves, even a few elves and a few… other things you’re not quite sure of what they are...

The doors to the Great Hall’s massive inner courtyard open promptly at dawn and the throng outside thins to several lines at the double-doors, east, west, north, and south. Expectations are high, tensions are higher... you pass the outer doors guarded by two militia-men and step inside the broad tunnel… There are small poles strung with rope and you are guided into them as you walk forward... squinting into the dim dust, you see that this will eventually lead you to one of many tables within the courtyard. When at last you reach the inner doors of the courtyard, you look around and above you, seeing the upper stories of the Great Hall open up onto this courtyard and prominent from this position with the rising sun illuminate his face is a man standing with his hands on the rail. He seems to be watching everyone and everything at once. You can only guess, but he must be the Imperial Recruiter. A tug on your sleeve brings your attention to the minute scribe at the table in front you. He peers up at you from behind strange lenses on his face, "Name, please?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Out of Character

You are first level characters, each for your own reasons seeking service in the Imperial Special Legion. I started this game as D&D 2nd Edition but am switching to 3.5e using the System Reference Documents, only.

Once the 'four' are chosen, then we will flesh out greater details for each of your journeys to the Recruiting Conference and the details of your time there.

Secondary Skills: All characters should roll using 2nd edition for Secondary Skills; yes, please do this. I have some house-rules about Skills; for example, in addition to the rolled Secondary Skill, each character will receive a couple of extra skill points of a creative nature and should integrate it into their backstory: Singing, Dancing, Painting, Sculpting, Carving, any Craft, that sort of thing. The Region of Altara is an especially creative place; the more peaceful Regions of the Empire tend that way.

For my review, each applicant should provide the following for their proposed character:

Secondary Skill Roll (1d100):
Reason for Joining the Imperial Special Legion (Background):
Role to play in group:
Appearance (optional):
A PRIVATE LINK to Your character sheet. Please note their are some changes to skills that you should look at in the forum before finalizing your app. :-)

If you have questions, please post at the The Imperial Special Legion: Forum. Thanks and have fun!

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