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A high "level" Warhammer FRPG game.

Two weeks ago, a sword was found. A Champion of Chaos stood over the body of his defeated foe, and hesitated. It was a brief lull, but unusual for a creature that had slaughtered hundreds with lightning quick speed and ruthless efficiency. In that moment, the hero struck. The Champion fell to the ground, lifeless, betrayed in his moment of triumph by the sword.

For reasons unknown to everyone, including his(her)self, the hero picked up the blade. Memories of countless dead heroes in endless wars flooded his(her) mind, briefly, enlightening them to the danger and power of this blade. It was a weapon of destruction that needed order. It wanted things built just so it could destroy. It needed people to live, so it could cause them to die.

Calling upon years of experience, and numerous contacts, the hero has found his(her) way to the city of Auerswald. There, reputedly, a wizard in the employ of one of the city nobles has done extensive research on the black blade. The hero reached the wizard, Montgommery, by messenger. The wizard's reply: "Come now." The hero likewise messengered his(her) old friends, fellow heroes, asking them to meet in Auerswald.

Yesterday the heroes arrived, one by one. So far, they have not met up. Each, however, has received an invitation to a party tonight at Lord Felix von Wallenstein's house, the employer of the Wizard Montgommery. He's a distant relative to Graf Ferdinand von Wallenstein. The meeting with the wizard will take place after the party. A quick visit to the appropriate stores has each of you ready for the party tonight.

It's sure to be a grand affair.

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