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The world reknown merchant Marvelous McGill has a problem. He wishes to design a vault that is impenatrible.

To do so, has recruited a handful of thieves for a grand task: Penetrate his new vault in Portsmith.

The Vault of the Inevitable is McGill's attempt to design the unbeatable vault. One of his main goals in the design is to attempt to spend as little as possible on the vault so that he can build them throughout the land. If certine defeses can be spared, then he will do so.

To accomplish the task, he has invited thieves of all brand to attempt to make out with the treasure he has stowed inside. He has opted to recruit fairly inexperienced cat burglers, believing that the most experienced thieves tend to overlook the obvious. Once the novice burglers have failed, he will recruit more experienced burglers to fill thier place until he is satisfied that the vault is secure.

If the vault's walls were breached, and the treasure is stolen. He will revise the vault and invite the rogues back once more to attempt to breach it. Each time the wealth inside will be greater. Each time, the vulnerabilities exposed before will be no longer be there.

How will the rogues fair?
Will they work together, or will greed overcome them?
How many times will McGill have to revise his vault?
Who will die within its walls?
And what are these vaults really for?


Application Specifications:
Require 4 catburglers of any race or class. (thats right. Any Class!)

Will start at 2000XP, half way to level 3.

Level progression will probably corrolate with Vault attempts, with experience gained between attempts as well. Story will adapt and develop as the game progresses and play will possibly lead out of the vault entirely.

There are a number house rules listed in game thread that should be looked over.

If you submit an a complete app, then you have a chance of being accepted.

Any material will be accepted that is not home brewed. (except VOP)

Flaws are required.

You will all be starting independantly and may band together only if you wish. This means that each app will be judged on its own merrits without concideration for party role .

Apps should follow the following format:

Character Name
Personality: Include quirks from flaw and trait.
Background: Brief outline would be all thats necisary at this stage.

Do not put apps in the Ad them Here
You are encouraged, by not required, to make them private.

Ability scores will use 6m4d6v1r1.

----Completed Apps----
King of Hearts

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