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The kingdom of Crestlar has been striving for many generations. Members of many races travel long distances to visit this kingdom and hopefully call it home. Those seeking knowledge visit the vast libraries, those seeking goods visit the extensive markets and those seeking weapons seek the dwarven smithys. The citizens of the kingdom are fat and happy, making an easy, honest living.

But there is a dark side in every kingdom. Where there is fortune there is also poverty, where there is happiness there is also unspeakable wrongs, where there is peace there is also war. The dark side to Crestlar is kept under control by a special group of the kings army. This group is made up of the best swordsmen, mages, assassins and trackers. These fierce warriors are known as The Black Guard. The king and a handful of selected advisors, shop owners and guild leaders, are the only ones in the city who know the group even exists. The Black Guard is responsible for handling the most sensitive of missions. Missions where failure is not an option.

This campaign will follow members of The Black Guard through deadly missions.

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