The Falling of Issica

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The king is dead!?
Yes, that's what they're sayin'
But, what are we going to do?
Good Riddance! I say the man was a blight on Issica
How can you say that, after all he's done for-

Such conversations have been permeating the thick atmosphere inside almost all the taverns in Issica.
There are many different perspectives on the late king. Some view him as the greatest hero in the country,
captaining victories on both the foreign and domestic fronts. Other view him as the most despicable tyrant
ever to live, levying heavy taxes and oppressing his people. However, almost everyone agrees that his
oldest son cannot hold steady the reins of the country. However, this matter doesn't really concern you.
The country is large and the shifting of the throne has limited effects on the province of Kepps, and almost
no measurable influence on Hans Dell, the small mining village you find yourself in. There are much more
pressing issues here. Doors have begun to lock at night and the watch has been doubled. The town is on the
edge of complete obliteration, so no one really gives a damn about the king. There is no help to be called,
even if the Monarchs forces could be committed, it would take them far too long for the soldiers to arrive.

So here you are, stuck in a changing world up on a freezing mountain under the pine trees, in a town about
to simply stop existing. It doesn't matter where you came from and how you got here. You could have lived
your entire life in this chilling Dale, or you could simply be passing through on your long trek to the captial.
It doesn't matter: You represent the only hope.

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