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Like most other worlds, the world of Trin has many nations. There are honourable, steady dwarves; mysterious, intelligent elves; and hard-working, law-bound humans. Many nations have fallen and risen, and perhaps many more will follow. As far as the three races are concerned, they are the largest nations on Trin.

However, there is one more nation, one that only the members of the nation are aware of. Sure, the three nations are large, but they are large with little, squishy people. The fourth nation is a society whose membership is given out only to those who share the common blood. They are not famous for some notable figures, or quality manufactured products, nor their skills at predicting the next solar eclipse. While the others have laws, they have common sense; while the others have wars, they have tranquillity.

To reveal some truths, the hidden society does have some sort of leadership – the elders. Some of them perhaps over a thousand years of age, some perhaps several hundred. But one thing was for sure: they care for their own nation. For example, they have declared and enforced every other dragon to hide. Most listened. The upside was, the ones that didn’t listen were eventually killed, either by a party of adventures, or lured and became a mindless pet of some powerful sorcerer in an invisible tower. Eventually, every dragon that lived, stayed hidden. And the nation indeed survived for many more years.

After a while, the world of Trin seemed to have forgotten about the fourth nation. Dragons became the evil monsters in well-recited bard chants, or perhaps the guardians of an ancient army who had fought countless victorious battles - all history. To the dragons, they once again regained quietness. No more intrusive disturbance of greedy individuals seeking their golden bed.

Unfortunately, the dragons did not forget about the three large nations. After all, they do live for quite some time. And so, some dragons continued to risk the danger of exposure …

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