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Hello, I'm new to PbP DMing. I ran The Savage Tide years ago with my old table top buddies but I moved before we even made it halfway. So now I'm going to try it out here. Like I said, noob on this site so you'll have to bear with me but I think you'll have a good time.
So this is how it'll work.
1. Looking for up to 6 players.
2. Starting at level 1, 4d6 drop lowest, standard starting gold, unfortunately for everyone I only have the PHB, and Complete Adventurer, complete Arcane, and Libre Mortis for class options.
3. Low to mid powered. That's just how I've always DMed.
4.You will be starting in the tropical port city of Sasserine
5. Your applications should look like this.
Name, Race, Class, bit of description & personality, notable event in your char`s life that would`ve made them turn to a life of adventure.

A little bit to wet your whistle:
The first savage tide has already touched the mortal world, yet none who live today recall this time of red ruin. Unleashed from the cruel heart of a fell seed known as the shadow pearl, this savage tide swept over an ancient city perched atop the crown of a remote island. The tide transformed beggar and noble, merchant and thief, resident and visitor into feral, ravenous fiends. The fruits of centuries of labour came crumbling down in a matter of days, and when the survivors tried to stem the tide by destroying the pearl, the resulting blast of power sunk their city into a boiling lake of death. Through it all, the Abyssal architect of the savage tide watched, taking pride in the ruin. When the tide`s final ripples had faded, what was left became known as the Isle of Dread.
Now, after a thousand years, the true masters of the Isle of Dread look upon new targets, new cities beyond the horizon, compelled by the hateful will of their demonic lord Demogorgon to prepare for the coming glory. This time, the doom will not be limited to one hapless city. This time, all of civilization waits unknowing on the shore, blissfully ignorant of what the incoming tide brings in.

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