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  • Created Sep 8 '09
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This game is running on a D6 system and only D6s will be involved in this. For those who have played BESM 2nd or 3rd, you know that it normally uses 2d6 for most rolls (some will more or less use 2d6s, but if you have a question on that, PM me). Just to mention this, just because you been called to save the world from evil does not mean you have to do it within a certain time, and it is the players' choice if they wish to fight the final boss or not. For combat, you can either have the simplier way of doing combat like the final fantasy combat, or like every other RPG, keep movement, difficult terrain, bonuses/penalties in combat, and etc. The party must vote over 1/2 on one choice in order to be accepted (roll d100 if you get a tie in voting, and highest vote can choose one of the 2 choices for combat). Once done, it will stay until the campaign is over.

Character creation: Level 1, you may have up to 2 tier 1 weapon (if you have two weapon), the cheapest tier 1 amror, no accessory, one 20x throwable item if you are a ninja, gambler, or entertainer, 5 potions, 1 enter (for magic users), items that are dear to your character (does not count against inventory limit), and anything else that the book mentions including 100 Gil to start off. Gil will be given according to the book to keep it simple.

PDF can be found on http://ffrpg.viviti.com/about and you should click the first link and the third link if you for some reason can't find the character sheet in the core book. By the way, if you download the GM pdf, be warned that if I notice any metagaming, you get one warning, and then you'll be kicked out if you disregard it. If you complain that you got kicked despite the one warning, it's fair game.

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