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The general setting for the game is based off that of Cephas. The world is a dark bleak place, Magic is condemned and few to none have it, those that do live a hard life and those that donít live one just as hard. The rich are rich and there is no middle class. Most merchants travel with their families because it is to expensive to pay for a permanent home while having to buy guards to help them survive in the wilds. Barbarian tribes are frequent in the woods and they seem to know more about the creatures that roam then any civilized human would normally care about. Many men grow up to be soldiers but just as many branch off into other areaís of knowledge, yet women in the land seem in the hardest place of all. A male dominated society that is already under crushing depression and dirty homes, cheep goods, and usually tattered cloths can try and go into the world but usually a women would find herself repulsed. This is why many of the women, mainly the ones who have buried their husbands are often found lurking the woods. It is because of this that witch hangings occur since the church thinks anything out of the town is a crime against the deity. All courts of law are corrupted and the church and king have always the pull they want to win cases. This is one of the reasons the rich stay that way. With such pull over both the courts and the senates they can easily pass more duties from the peasants and remove some from themselves. Any man who seems to gain money is crushed by the law, which despite the age was quite advanced. No one knew exactly where the systems had come from but they knew it existed and that it ruled their lives. Written history was something they had only started doing recently and it is said very few know the origin of some governments, but these people would never speak of such. Much of the land is yet unexplored and of one of the things the governments due is pay peasants of proven skill to scout out and map or chart a stretch of land and claim it for the kingdom. If it is already claimed to set up information about it so as to allow information for later cities to be built.The cool November breeze blew into the shallow basin valley that the village of Darck occupied. The night was overcast with rain clouds as was normal this time of year. Ice had begun to form as the temperatures dropped rapidly into the low 10ís. No one in village history had recalled such a cold night this early in the season. Victus was visiting as usual with his weakly card group. It had been a bad night for him, He had lost 18 gold pieces in one game. It didnít sound like much, but it was massive to a man who worked at such a low pay rate. The government kept stripping more gold. Heaving a sigh he brought his coat up closer to his ears to try and keep them from freezing off, He had a long walk ahead...

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