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For whatever reason you have seen the light from the deepest depths of the inky blackness. Now with the help of those whom can see past flesh you seek redemption in the eyes of mortals and gods alike. Whatever the reason you decided to seek the light in your heart it will be a difficult journey into the depths of the soul. One that most could not make.

Temptation lies everywhere and enemies that want to drag your soul down to the dark abyss are many. Still you walk the twisting and narrow path towards the light, knowing that your greatest enemy isn't one you can ever escape. It's the bloodlust that aches on your weapon, the deceit that lays on the back of the tongue, it's plots that form in the back of your mind.

You have changed for the better, yet can you prove that the change is permanent. Yet are you truly changed or will the shadows of your past swallow your soul once more?

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