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As a DM, I look for logic, even when none can apply. Normally I make the excuse for people being able to break physics at higher levels as being caused by the setting having enough magic to degrade the laws of reality into more guidelines than anything else. However, I have always wanted to do a campaign where although someone could certainly level up, mortals were always just that: mortals. Having now found the E6 rule set, I find myself with a decent way to manage a story where the ideas of war and destiny will not become things to scoff at within a few levels, and so I can finally use an idea I have had in my head for a while now.
The campaign will need at least one person to volunteer for the position of Semi-main character, in that destiny seems to hate him. This is the person with a history so riddled with pain and hardship that it would be a miracle for him not to be a bit on the dark side, and who would not fit the role of noble hero in a million years, but might just want to steal the role just to say "FU** YOU Destiny." He doesn't have to want to do that, but it would be an example of something that would fit. This is the character who's destiny is basically to roll up and die, and he doesn't except that.
Also, I would like one "True Hero." You know the type. Raised by something improbable, like unicorns or some such Bull Sh**, never thinks of himself, ect... Or so it must seem to everyone around him. This would be the person with the destiny to do great things, marry the princess he saves, and all that 'good' stuff, and he knows that is his destiny.
The rest can be anything, and out of all applications, those with the best role playing and most well thought out, creative ideas will be the ones I want. If this sounds interesting, then by all means apply.

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