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  • Created Sep 25 '09
  • Last Post Dec 18 '09 at 2:28am
  • Status Complete
  • System Freeform

Game Description

We had everything, the world was more or less at peace and on the road to utopia. Nanotech had solved the problems of the world. Hunger, poverty, resources and failing infrastructures were a thing of the past. Things that had been too complicated or too expensive to build or maintain in the past became common place, fusion being the most common place of the new inventions. The power of a sun, albeit an incredibly small weak sun with just enough power to supply enough joules for whatever was required, a power in the palm of a hand.

We had all of these things and more, but we threw it all away. Those of us that survived the scourge were the lucky few that were evacuated to Japan, the only country that had invested in comprehensive security against nano-technological warfare. The only country that wasn't wiped off of the face of the Earth...

It is 2231, forty years since the dreaded grey death became a reality and wiped all life off of the Earth, with the exception of Japan.

The small island nation is now the only remaining habitable place on the planet, for it is surrounded by a matter converting nano-phage that reduces any organic material into a grey/brown slime.

Surviving within a constantly maintained security field, the island nation of New Japan houses the remaining human population - crammed into dozens of massive mega-cities that sprawl across what was once a beautiful country. Technology provides for nearly all needs and desires, the structure of society and most forms of employment exist to provide a meaningful existence for the countries citizens rather than as a requirement for progress.

Naturally this cramped, difficult and claustrophobic world gives rise to malcontents, criminals and worse. You are part of the few remaining working, living and breathing organizations in New Japan, seperate from the stale police and military forces that merely supervise the automated process of maintaining society.

You are part of bureau eleven, which watches for and roots out the most vile, disturbing, corrupting and dangerous elements of a facsimile society. Turncoat criminals, desperately bored office workers, career soldiers and experimental cyborgs are just some of the people drawn into bureau eleven...

System stuff!

This is a freeform game with a few rules to keep play under control!

Character creation is nice an simple, start with a concept and pick 5 broad areas that your character excels within.
Alternatively, you may choose 10 more narrow areas to have focused expertise within.

You start with four edge and stretch points, which are used to give you advantages during play.
Edge points literally give you an edge in whatever endeavour you are attempting when you decide to use it.
Stretch points extend one of your areas of expertise to include something new, whether through training, hidden talent or sudden epiphany!

Players will post their attempted actions, taking care to describe how they are going to go about them. Actions will be more likely to succeed if the description is plausible, well thought out and well written. If it is something a player really wants to succeed at, they can spend an edge point to make it even more likely.

Players are more likely to succeed at something within their areas of expertise.

That's about it, there won't be any wound levels or other rules, no numbers unless people decide they want to count bullets - if someone gets shot they'll be expected to role play being shot, if they're a tough as nails cyborg it'll be likely that they just shrug it off whereas an office worker turned spy will probably be rolling on the floor in agony.

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