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Game Information
  • Created Oct 6 '09
  • Last Post Sep 27 '10 at 6:44pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

Hailing from a PDF conscript squad of fresh meat straight from your respective planet's tithe, you've been abruptly selected for the dubious honour of establishing a security cordon about the Volg underhive, just ordered subject to a strict, emergency quarantine. Information about your assignment is disturbingly scarce, and your briefing seems almost deliberately vague, lacking many importance details, the phrase "need to know basis" constantly bantered around. You and your comrades whisper nervously amongst each other as you are all hastily equipped and ushered aboard your waiting Chimera; what are you not being told about this mission?

The dreary light of surrounding glowlamps filtering past the firing ports grow dimmer, the time between each dilating with every minute as your vehicle noisily lurches its way into the noxious depths of Volg. Your sergeant looks none the better than his squaddies, perhaps worse off, notably perspiring, his face a disquieting mask of alarm. Inside, the transport is dead quiet but for the steady roar of its engines. Suddenly, panicked yelling issues from the driver alongside the unmistakable crack of lasfire. Between the unintelligible profanity and screaming, you are able to make out but two words; "Get down!". The dull plassteel floor is the last thing you see before your body explodes with pain, and the world fades to black...

Character Creation Notes and Rules:

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