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Game Information
  • Created Oct 7 '09
  • Last Post Nov 1 '09 at 9:23pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Freeform

Game Description

The VTOL hung in the grey sky a few feet above the surface of the roof. Jet engines whined, spraying sheets of rain into the air. The plane's stealth-plated body was painted in equally jagged gray and black urban camouflage. The VTOL faded from view as LCD active camouflage panels reactivated. The silence was the only way to tell it's absence.

Eighteen armored figures ran through the pouring rain at the all clear signal, moving fast and low with their weapons raised, kicking up water. The soldiers spread out over the roof, taking cover behind HVAC equipment and access doors. They moved with a practiced precision and total comm silence that indicated that this was a well rehearsed operation.

On the horizon, the city's greenish lights and blocky black buildings faded into an indistinct patchwork occasionally lit up by flashes of lightning. Some sections of the city were entirely black; their silhouettes only made visible by the occasional lightning. Even further out, barely visible through the clouds, there was a thin strip of black ocean dotted with offshore mining platforms.

“It's pretty damn quiet for a war-zone...”

The Setting:

The Gregorian year is 7024, and the great powers of the galaxy have their hands at each other's throats. Humanity and 11 other major species have formed one of the largest military alliances in the galaxy's known history, the Coalition. But the borders aren't the only place wars are fought, and within the Coalition, different groups have conflicting agendas and ideas, and people will always fight and die for these causes, be they patriots, opportunists, or madmen.

Welcome to VI's operations division. Corporate special forces. 5th Aegesian company. You are part of a band of well paid, well trained soldiers who can expect to find themselves providing VIP security at a conference one month, and then find themselves in the middle of a high-intensity war-zone the next. You do everything: intelligence, investigation, wet-work, training, security, and active duty service alongside Coalition forces. Anything. Naturally, this makes for a rather eclectic band of people, but you all fight for the company, and really VI isn't so bad. They treat their employees like family, and so what if they off a few people here and there; the AOC and most other corps aren't any better...

This is a fairly hard SF setting with magical and paranormal elements (not D&D magic, mind. As such it's not impossible for you to be a magic user or a psychic though it is highly unlikely to have more than one even in an SF unit, and additional Rping responsibility falls o n you in either case). There are also almost no transhumanist or potentially transhumanist technology (i.e. no AI, no advanced bioengineering of sentients, no cybernetics, and no self replicating or construction nanomachines). It is an offense to the gods, but more to the point it is punishable by summary execution without trial.

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