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The Bloodreavers have captured a dozen villagers from the small settlement of Riverdown, one of the half dozen villages that make up the Harkenwold. Baron Stockmer, assisted by Sister Linora, a priestess of Avandra, assembled a group of adventurers to find them. Linora explains that a young tracker from the village followed the Bloodreavers and their prisoners until they reached the Trade Road south of Thunderspire Mountain.

Beneath the stormy peak of Thunderspire Mountain lies the Labyrinth, an ancient, ruined minotaur city. For over two decades, an order of wizards called the Mages of Saruun has controlled a portion of the Labyrinth, creating a relatively safe haven called the Seven-Pillared Hall. Here, underground denizens come to trade with the mages and with a small number of surface-dwellers. Visitors who leave the safety of the hall and venture into the Labyrinth do so at their own risk. For in the darkness of the Labyrinth, all bets are off.


I figure that ĎKeep on the Shadowfellí has been done enough times already, so Iíll make ďThunderspire LabyrinthĒ my DM-debut here on MW. I DMíd my local group through KotS and was the DM Assistant for TL, so I think I know whatís going on. That being said, Iím a relatively noob DM, so donít expect things to go perfectly!

I generally can post every weekday, and I expect you to do the same. I will slow down a little in February and March when things get busy for me at work.

At the moment, I do not plan on running this past the completion of this adventure. I donít know how long it will take to complete, so things may be quite different when we get there, but if youíre looking for a sweeping campaign that will lead you to the heights of Epic playÖ sorry, look elsewhere. Iím just trying to give some folks a good time for a few months, and I want players who share that spirit.


I want a relatively-balanced, five-PC party, fifth level. All standard 22 pt. point buy and item rules apply, no trading item levels (so you canít pick up three level 2 items instead of a level 6, but you may substitute a lower level item Ė for example, if you canít find a good 4th level item, you can take a 3rd level one instead, but you lose the difference). Anything legal goes, though I will frown upon limburger-esque entries, and that is Not A Good Thing. I can read CharOp boards, too. Go ahead and make a good, strong character, but if I see ďOMGWTF I do 100 dpr w/ Mage Hand!!1!Ē, youíre right out.

This adventure, at least when I went through it, was about 2/3 combat and 1/3 roleplaying. I like that ratio. This means that I donít need you to develop a 4,000 word backstory. You can do it, and I may read it, but donít expect that I will incorporate much of it. Iím going to run the adventure pretty much as is, unless I see something that fits in with little work on my part.

Other than that, I donít know what Iím looking for in an applicant, other than to apply properly. You are welcome to team up with other applicants to build complementary characters if you so desire, which may or may not work to your advantage. Since Iím still getting my DM-hat sized, I donít think Iím going to allow any re-flavoring of powers or items, but if thereís something that you really really want, and itís a minor thing, ask. I should also point out that Iím not overly-comfortable with hybrids yet, so while I wonít actually exclude them, they donít give me the warm-fuzzies.


To be considered complete (and only complete applications will be considered), an application must have the following:

Character Name
Race and Gender
Description in 40 words or less
Personality in 40 words or less

Why are you on this adventure? On the face of it, you are being asked to find some slaves that have been stolen; said Baron will, however, deny all knowledge of you if something bad happens (and probably hog all credit if you succeed), but youíre welcome to add a little on personal reasons for why youíd be doing this. This should be an in-character post.
What are your level 6, 5, and 4 items?
Tell me about you as a player.
Donít be discouraged if youíve not been in a lot of games Ė weíve all been there, and I wonít hold that against you.

Oh Ė pet peeve! Please donít post just to indicate interest, or to reserve an early spot in the thread. There are no bonus points for being the first striker, or anything like that. If youíre really interested, post something functional when it is ready, or at least mostly-ready. I encourage your interest - put your character where your mouth is!! Or something like that.


I figure on closing the general applications on Friday 10/30. Iím going on a business trip the following week, and while away Iíll narrow it down to The Finalists.

THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, but if you build your character with the official WotC Character Builder and are a The Finalist, I will like you that much more if you can get me your character file and I can pop it into my CB to make sure your character is OK. Not that I expect it not to be.

Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for your interest!

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