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  • Created Oct 17 '09
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The Strange Eon has not treated New England, the birthplace of the D-engine, and the home of the Miskatonic university well at all. While eastern Massachusets escaped the fate of cities like New York in the first arcanotech war, and indeed survived mostly intact, the rise of the Esoteric Order has forced the NEG into a grim holding action around one of the Order's oldest strongholds. It is a testament to the power of the NEG's propaganda machine that so little is known about the conflict, but stories and vauge rumors still manage to escape. The Back-Bay area is several feet below sea level, and strange creatures of the deep marshal their forces to try and break through the NEG's lines and into the populated area only a few hours drive away from the trenches, walls, wards, and barbed wire, so far with little effect. But today, the NEG has decided that enough is enough. The EOD will be driven off the continent for good and back into the sea where they belong. Even as the massive invasion of Hawaii takes place on the other side of the continent, the forces of the New Earth Government marshal in the ruins of Plymouth and Framingham for a massive offensive.

You are a part of the fifth special operations wing, made up of elite mech and Engel pilots, and you will be spearheading the assault, and venturing behind enemy lines to put down horrors that would earn most pilots a free ticket to an Ashcroft Foundation mental hospital.

As you can see this is a Cthulhutech game that uses my knowledge of my home state to provide extra detail and make things much more immersive, since I live in the city I'm feeding to the fishies. This game will cover an entire military campaign. PCs will be able to influence some events, and not others, but the game will follow the campaign from begining to end and hopefully immerse you in a conflict made for the history books.

The Tone of a Good C-tech Game:

Originally Posted by EarthScorpion
For mecha pilots, then, the horror doesn't come from the scary monsters jumping out at you. It comes from the fact that, one week ago, you watched as the Rapine Storm overran your forward base while you were on patrol. Now, you've been awake for seven days straight, hopped up on military grade drugs which are playing with your brain chemistry to keep you awake. You've lost half your squad, whittled away by ambushes; you heard the screams from your commander's Broadsword when an RPG blew off her leg, and the Rapine Storm cultists swarmed her, hacking their way into her cockpit with plasma torches, as due to the way she fell, the ejection system couldn't fire. Your charge beam is leaking radiation every time you fire it, because the containment is damaged, and your LAI is threatening to shut it off, and with that gone, your best weapon will be offline. You're killed hundred of cultists, and they keep on coming. The legs of your mecha are caked in blood from when they tried to swarm you and trip you up. And you haven't slept at all. And now you're starting to hear whispers if you close your eyes, in the voices of your dead comrades.

You're going to be picked up. But the whispers won't go away, even if you want them to, and the long term exposure to EOE is going to leave you with permanent insomnia. And, then, when you're past the mandatory debriefing and rest period, they're going to send you out again. Unless it's an emergency, of course, and they have to cut the rest short because they need every man.
This is not a game where you wade through funny looking enemies and shoot them. It is most definitely a horror game. I mean, Engel pilots are operating cosmic horrors that eat their sanity in order to fight other cosmic horrors.

A FAIR WARNING: I will torment PCs. I will cause you endless pain and frustration. I will kill your characters, particularly if they do something unwise. It's nothing personal. This is a Lovecraftian horror game. If you you're sensitive to PC-abuse this may not be your preferred game, or your genre.


I expect a post rate of 1/day, though if you can post more you are welcome to do so.

All of you start as experienced Air Force 1st Lieutenants (with Authority 3/Duty 3) with 35 points for stats and 30 for skills. All mechs from ther core and Vade Maecum are allowed. No custom mechs, sorcerors, tagers, etc... Aquatic mechs will get their chance to shine, so if the idea appeals to you, you are welcome to play one.

This is what I need from an app:

Player Name:
Experience: General and CthulhuTech specific roleplaying experience
Rules: Do you have access to a copy of CthulhuTech? If not I'll have to provide you with background and whatnot.
Character Name:
Character Callsign:
Character Concept: Should indicate what kind of Mech or Engel role you intend to take on as well as what the general disposition of your character is; e.g, neurotic, aggressive Nazzadi close support mech pilot would be the barest minimum; more is welcome.
Character Background: This comes in two parts. First give me a general history of your character. Second take a situation from that character's past and role play it out. A couple of paragraphs in both cases should be fine.

I think that I have a co-gm to help with a smaller group of investigators, and I will take 3-4 investigative PCs in addition to the mecha.

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