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In the kingdom of Tethyr, Queen Zaranda and King Haedrak III have decided to commission a contest open to all noble born siblings of no higher than second position. A chance to control new lands, and a Title of nobility to go along with that. It is well known that children of a lower position have little to no chance to acquire family holdings. All you have available to you is a chance at a mirage of convenience that would benefit the family, or making it in a world on your own accourd with very little help from anyone.

With the end of the civil war and the loss or many noble houses, the country needs an influx of new blood to revitalize it. Applications are being accepted with proof of lineage. The contest is being run by Alandaur Blackstone, an advisor to the royal family. Winners of the Dungeon of Contemplation will be eligible for the second level of the competition.

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