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  • Created Nov 28 '09
  • Last Post Dec 23 '09 at 6:01pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Fallout

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No Heaven by Dj Champion

The game is set in a homebrew take of Fallout, a post-apocalyptic world following The Great War, a nuclear war that occurred on October 23, 2077 and lasted less than two hours but caused immense damage and destruction. Before The Great War were the Resource Wars, during which the United Nations disbanded, a plague rendered the United States paranoid, and Canada and Mexico was annexed.

During the decades leading up the Great War, it has been generally predicted and accepted that with the state of the world and the path nations was taking, collapse of civilization and possibly nuclear war was inevitable. This lead to many going to great length in assuring the survival of humanity, such as the the Unity Mission where the United Nations constructed in a colony ship called Unity which send ten thousand souls to Alpha Centauri in the hope to start over, or the Project Safehouse where the United States commissioned over a hundred underground vaults throughout the continent to shelter thousands of people from nuclear holocaust.

In the early 2070s, one organization joined in the craze and secretly built a series of well-stocked underground bunkers which houses hundred of cryogenic capsules. The hundred are to be awakened when the dust settles decades or even centuries after the nuclear holocaust, when they will then be tasked with the responsibility to fight the decline of civilization and put humanity back on its feet again.

The game will focus one such bunker where the players and their characters will proceed to secure their new home, establish a settlement, get in contact with the other bunkers, gather information and intelligence on the any survivors, and facilitate the revival of civilization. How that is achieved is up to the players.

Game Information
System - Freeform / Savage Worlds
Setting - Homebrew version of Fallout

Resources Used - Fallout Wiki, Savage Worlds Core Rules Explorer Edition (SWEX), Savage Fallout, Savage Apocalypse, D20 Apocalypse, Savage Gamma World, and Deadlands Hell on Earth.

As in, the players will co-cooperatively (or not) run the new settlement/faction out of the bunker their characters wakes up in and help define and create the Fallout post-apocalyptic world they are playing in. So the focus will shift between the character and society level, and the meta-play and knowledge is intentionally initially limited. Such details where, when, what they have to work with, etc is for the players to determine and find out during the game. Overall play will be kept freeform and sandbox, with Savage Worlds only used to help flesh out characters and when needed.

Here is some Fallout info...

Savage World rules...


How many players - minimum of four, and really no maximum

What is needed to play - Since it will mostly be freeform, and play will at the community/faction level, do not need to be familiar with the Savage World rules as mainly used to define and create characters, some stats, and when needed to resolve something.

Character Creation
For characters, Savage Worlds system will be used. More than one may be created, but one main character and remaining npc.

Fudge Points
Fudge Points (FP) are meta-game gifts that may be used to buy "luck" during a game - they let the players fudge a game result or used in attempt to acquire an advantage of some sort. These are "meta- game" gifts because they operate at the player-GM level, not character-character level.

Every player starts the game with five Fudge Points. The Game Master may also give you more Fudge Points for great roleplaying, overcoming major obstacles, or even entertaining everyone with an outlandish action, side-splitting in-game joke, or other memorable act. Fudge Points may also be acquired base on what the player contributes to the game both at the character, community, and out-of-character meta level.

Fudge Points can be used in many ways, depending on realistic and probable the request is. Here are some suggested ways to use them both at the character and community/faction level. A GM may allow as few or many of these options as she wishes - the players should ask her before assuming they can do something with Fudge Points.

1. Spending a Fudge Point may accomplish an Unopposed action automatically and with panache - good for impressing members of the appropriate sex, and possibly avoiding injury in the case of dangerous actions. The GM may veto this use of Fudge Points for actions with a high difficult level. The GM may disallow this option for an Opposed action, such as combat

2. You can use Fudge Points at the character to reroll any Trait test. Make the entire roll from scratch. If you’re firing three shots on full-auto and don’t like the results, pick up all three dice and your Wild Die and roll again. You can keep spending Fudge Points and rerolling as long as you like, and take the best of your attempts. If you roll a 5, for example, and a Fudge Point gets you a 4, keep the original 5 instead.


4. A player may spend one (or more) Fudge Points to get an automatic success, without having to roll the dice. This use is available in Opposed actions.

5. or a GM-set number of Fudge Points can be spent to ensure a favorable coincidence depending on the request. (This is always subject to GM veto, of course.) For example, if the PCs are in a maximum security prison, perhaps one of the guards turns out to be the cousin of one of the PCs - and lets them escape! Or the captain of the fishing boat rescuing the PCs turns out to be someone who owes a favor to one of them, and is willing to take them out of his way to help them out . . . And so on. This option should cost a lot of Fudge Points, except in certain genres where bizarre coincidences are the Fallout!

6. Alternately, can simply allow Fudge Points (FP) to be traded for Experience Points (EP) at one to two ratio, or Resource Points at one to one ration.

Resource Points
Resource Points is an abstract representation of how much a the community/settlement/faction can possibly do in a span of a game month base on manpower, materials, salvage, etc. So any projects like constructing fortifications, building an house, making weapons, fixing or modifying vehicles, training of the militia, etc all cost Resource Points. The costs will be determine by the GM base on the request and the in-game circumstances and other factors.

The base amount of Resource Points a the community/faction gets is one Resource Point for every 50 people per month. So at the start of this game community has a starting population of 100, hence 2 Resource Points per month. Further constant or temporary Resource Points will be determine by the GM base on the community/faction circumstances and what they have to work with. For Example, finding salvaging bunch of scrap metals that can used to build or construct or fix something in a given month can temporally represent a Resource Point, or the re-opening of mine can give the community constant extra Resource Point per month.

Some Resource Points may be limited in use, like the community manage to acquire one RP worth of uranium or electronics. Only so much one can do with uranium, as can only be used for certain projects.

Extra Resource Points may be used to speed up construction or some other task, yet in certain circumstances there is only so much one can speed something up due to the 'to many cook in a kitchen' effect or a particular project cannot be speed up.

Players may gave up one of their Fudge Points for one Resource Point for a given game month for the community/settlement/faction.

Game Time
Game Time will be according to the flow of the game. So at one point the game may crawl to day per day, and other times can be month per month. It all depends on what the players would like to do and what is happening the game.

The GM reserves the right to change or make or remove rules when required during the game.

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