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Talabheim, the Eye of the Forest. Sacred to Taal, God of Nature. A city perched within a massive crater, set deep amidst primordial forests. The ring of the crater is formed by a massive stone wall, hundreds of feet high. The natural fortifications seem superior to any fashioned by Man, Dwarf or Elf, as the city has the enviable reputation of having never been conquered.

Its populace were spared the horrors of the Storm of Chaos, although the Elector Count remains away with the army, and so his daughter Countess Elise rules in his stead. Taalagad, the town which sits outside the Taalbaston, the gate-fortress into Talabheim, has been met with an influx of refugees, making it overflow with ruffians and thieves of all sorts.

It is into this environment our players will begin. What seems like a mundane task of gaining entry into a city, will quickly unravel into an adventure rife with disaster, war, and a chance to save Talabheim from the forces of evil. What do you say?

RulesAlthough WFRP uses a roll system for background and career, I will forgo this rule and encourage you to create a vibrant and interesting character from scratch. Of course, nothing is stopping you from using rolls should you desire.

You can use material from any source-book you like.

This is a game for players who enjoy interacting with NPC’s and each other, and most importantly, love a good story. I know that the nature of this site means we play games over extended periods and may write up a post in 5 minutes we have free- but during those 5 minutes, I want you creating the best quality contribution you can. I will endeavour do the same.

This is a tryout. I want you to wow me. I have the luxury of deciding if I want 3 players or 8 (not bloody likely!), and I would much rather have 3 if they are solid posters and put effort into their posts.

There are two things I care about. Effort and Enthusiasm. Remember that.

Appearance (pictures are fine)
Social Class

Your character will need a solid reason for wanting to get into Talabheim. It isn’t going to be easy, so come up with something better than “I wanted to see the sights”.
(example reasons- Family, Wife/Husband, person who owes you money, person you intend to kill, person you intend to kill for owing you money, etc)

Unless you collaborate on background with another player (hint, hint!), your characters will be meeting one-another for the first time in the opening minutes of the game.

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