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Game Information
  • Created Dec 5 '09
  • Last Post Mar 29 '10 at 10:38pm
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

The dream battles of two warring clans of apostate magi has spilled over into our own world. The undead are restless, animals are unsettled, the fey is opening to our world, and the dreamers are awakening.

You are one such dreamer. For too long, you've lived in the relative safety of the darkess of ignorance, of your blissful life of the "real." Soon, however, you'll find that the world you knew is not all it seems to be. There's other worlds, worlds of shadow, of fey, indeed of darkness, and not the kind you've been living in. Darkness that envelops the soul and twists the body into something monstrous.

Vampires and werewolves attempt to resolve an ancient war, magi cast spells that twist the very fabric of reality, creatures of the fey play tricks on the unsuspecting. A cult of Isis attempts to raise a dead god. This is the new real.

You woke up one day, drank your coffee, headed off to work, came home and couldn't sleep. Nothing much to do at home, you set off into the streets alone. What you didn't know is that the Night is the home to these creatures, and you were in their territory.

When you left the safety of your four walls, you opened the door to a new world, one that would change you forever.

Perhaps there was a doppelganger living your life, a fey creature that asked you for the time before vanishing, or perhaps a werewolf stalked you from the shadows, drooling viciously over its next meal. Maybe you accidentally stumbled into a goblin market. Nevertheless, and for whatever reason, the Darkness has sought you out. You are not like the others anymore. You've stared into the abyss, and the abyss has stared back into you.


Alright, just getting this straight. You're using the core book to create a mortal character. You may have a chance later on to specialize, as you will be coming into contact with different groups, but I haven't decided yet if that will be the case. Ideally, this will be an all-mortal campaign, along the lines of something like CoC or the Silent Hill/Resident Evil series. The campaign itself will be mostly open-ended after the story gets going, and will focus more on role-playing, mystery solving, and innovation rather than roll-playing (ie: hack and slash, combat-oriented, etc). That being said, please feel free to message me via PM or this thread with any questions you may have. I don't bite! I'm also open to ideas regarding character generation/house rules/and the story in general (Would like a co-GM with a little more experience than I have, just to have someone to brainstorm with, but even if you're not in the game, I'm open to it).

-Az, your friendly neighborhood Storyteller


1) Character Generation is based off the non-template mortal rules in the core book. At least for the time being.

2) Apps should be in the format

Virtue/Vice (Along with description)

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