Fallout: The Worst of All Possible Worlds

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  • Created Dec 7 '09
  • Last Post Feb 9 '10 at 6:04pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Modern

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FluffAnd so it was that the Lone Wanderer ventured forth from Vault 101 intent on discovering the fate of a father who had once sacrificed the future of humanity for that of his own child.

The Capital Wasteland proved a cruel and inhospitable place, and the Lone Wanderer ultimately surrendered to the vices that had claimed so many others: selfishness, greed, cruelty. These were the values that guided a lost soul through countless trials and triumphs. It was not until the end of this long road that the Lone Wanderer was faced with that greatest of virtues sacrifice. But the child refused to follow the father's selfless example, instead allowing a true hero to venture into irradiated control chamber of project purity.

Sadly, when selected by the sinister president to be his instrument of annihilation, the Wanderer agreed. Humanity will be preserved, but only in its purest form. The waters of life flowed at last, but the virus contained within soon eradicated all those deemed unworthy of salvation. The Capital Wasteland, despite its progress, became a graveyard.

So ends the story of the Lone Wanderer, who stepped through the great door of Vault 101 and into the annals of legend. But the tale of humanity will never come to a close, for the struggle of survival is a war without end, and war war never changes.

The year is 2290. Thirteen years ago, the Lone Wanderer emerged from Vault 101. Those who had known her father hoped she would be like him, someone whom humanity -- still teetering on the edge of oblivion almost 200 years after the bombs fell -- could follow into a better, brighter future.

They were sorely disappointed. Yeah, understatement of the century.

The Devil from Vault 101 set humanity back decades, if not centuries. Given the choice between the evil Enclave and the honorable Brotherhood of Steel, the Lone Wanderer chose to drop about a hundred nukes all over the latter. Megaton, once one of the few truly safe settlements in the waste, is an irradiated hole in the ground; the ghoul named Moira Brown will tell you about it sometimes, if she stops talking about the book she once dreamed of writing long enough. The few who knew about Oasis still tell of the fire that claimed it, and of the woman that emerged holding a flamer. Tenpenny Tower was overrun by feral ghouls, but not before Allistair Tenpenny was killed with a headshot -- along with several other Wastelanders. Rivet City's security chief disappeared, Big Town's just a ghost town, and Canterbury Commons is as ant-infested as Greyditch. Even poor little Arefu is no more; it was overrun after the Vault Gal killed the only group of people who would have been willing to protect it.

Of course, life ain't all bad... if you're a slaver. The Lone Wanderer personally put down two slave revolts: the 2077 Pitt Slave Revolt, and the abortive attempt to move the Temple of the Union in the same year. To add insult to injury, she sold countless Lincoln-related artifacts to the fire-tenders of Paradise Falls, and personally turned in at least one runaway slave. Of course, she captured many more: Bryan Wilks, Grandma Sparkles, Brother Diego... the list goes on and on. Little Lamplighters don't go outside any more for a reason; they've already lost enough of their own.

So the DC Wasteland has a pretty rotten deal. The rest of the country isn't doing much better, though at least the southwest super mutants and the midwest cyborgs mostly killed each other. But there's still one last tiny beacon of hope: a man, a microphone, and a radio station. And he's put out a call for do-gooders, mercenaries, or anyone else who gives a damn to come meet him in his studio: he's got a job for them.

It's time to fight the Good Fight.
CrunchThis is a d20 Modern game, possibly using the Exodus rules. (I haven't got ahold of them yet.) I'm the DM; I've been DMing pretty much nonstop for two years, and off and on for a while before that. I check Myth-Weavers incessantly.

You'll start at level 1 and work your way upwards -- rebuilding, ignoring, or destroying as you go. The game will be fairly sandboxy; it's based on Fallout 3, so think Fallout 3. 32 point buy, more or less everything allowed (ask me about anything that's non-d20M Core, but it'll probably be yes), PL 5 with exceptions, using the TU system for Wealth. There'll be a few house rules RE combined skills, but otherwise, d20 Modern as written.

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