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CoT is fairly referred to as a semi-self-contained mega-scenario. It is both a massive and complex sorta kinda dungeon crawl with extra depth, but not necessarily in terms of "dungeon levels." No doubt one can see why I'm not an ad-man.

Although Necromancer Games has already done the dirty work and updated this scenario to 3.5e rules, I've had the original in glorious blue and white laying about for decades, and it's never had a chance to pay for itself. Published in 1979 by Judges Guild, it was designed for use with the D&D rules...not 1st edition AD&D...just D&D. Of course, this game is listed in the Myth-Weavers game-ads as 3.5e, which means I've updated it myself. Who says I can't reinvent an already reinvented wheel??

I've removed the old-skool gimmicky elements that made D&D of long bygone days so...quirky. In addition, I've expanded on a few ideas, added a few bits and pieces to the environment, and pretty much changed a host of things to spice up the proceedings. Fortunately, CoT was a ways ahead of its time, incorporating ideas and concepts that were rare then, and which have become somewhat de rigeur in well-designed modern scenarios. For this, the author Paul Jaquays has long been considered one of the early pioneers of "thoughtful dungeon design." I agree with that, and expect everyone to have fun with this one, free of the sense that it is truly a throwback to an earlier generation.

Now, because this is a mostly self-contained scenario which will probably keep you mostly within its bounds, I won't be spending much time drawing up a world setting to act as backdrop. It simply isn't necessary. Likewise, I will not be looking for characters with deep histories tied to a geographical point in a thinly defined world. Instead, I'll be looking for characters with interesting personalities that can make for some lively RPing amidst the more crunchy stuff.

Having said all that, I will be providing a jumping off point, a functional, if possibly trite, premise for why you're going where you're going, and a spot for you to return to if you choose to, or have the opportunity to, in order to offload any loot and do whatever else it may be that you need to do before returning. I've made some changes to "treasure" such that more of it will be utilitarian (for example, a potion of Cure Light Wounds instead of the 50gp choker noted as the original reward) so that there will be less need/impetus to exit and return. I've also included a few details that might actually make that easier, so both sides will be covered, and neither should be at the expense of game play. We'll see how things go, and I'll adjust to suit the actions of the characters and/or the desires of the players.

That really should do it for the setup. This game is for kicks and fun, focusing on exploration, tactics, and planning. Yes, it is something of a traditional hacker, but there's more to it. I'm a detail person, so there will certainly be little devils to be found in those details.

Oh, I suppose I should note that I'm leaving the details of this adventure a bit thin, but doing so on purpose. Rather than quote the blurb provided by the original (which is for the GM's eyes), I'll just say that this is part dungeon crawl and part something else. Be prepared for pretty much everything, and you'll be all set. <insert your choice of smiley here>

So, if these particulars pique your interest, skip on over to the Game Forum, read the Introduction, and if you're still gung-ho, hop to the Character Creation section to sculpt your delver.

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