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The world of Alrath has been ruled by dragons since the beginning of time. The most feared and powerful of all creatures the clans of the metallic and the chromatic dragons have waged an ancient war for dominance and control. Though the tides of war have ebbed and flowed with one side gaining the advantage only to have it stripped away by their eternal opponents for longer than any living being can remember it seems this time the tide is changing.

The metallic dragons have become afflicted with a magical disease which has been dubbed "The Rusting", a curse which afflicts both mind and body, and for which their appears to be no cure. To make matters worse a powerful red dragon, calling herself The Scarlett Queen, has begun to march an army across the land, swallowing up nations and burning cities to the ground.

In desperation the wisest and most powerful metallic dragons have fled to the far western isles, in hopes of both escaping the Rust and to pool their resourses and find a cure. With their metallic protectors gone the "lesser races" of Alrath have banded together, but can even their combines might, magic and minds hope to stand a chance against an enemy so vicisious the world has never seen her like? Will anyone survive, the Dragon War?

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Game Master

Jorda75, your humble host

Game Explaination

With the world in peril and the fate of all creatures great and small in jeopardy it will fall to a small group of heroes to find hope and salvation for all, or die trying.

The mood will be a mix of high adventure, magic and swordsplay, political and international intrigue as well as a bit of comedy mixed in.

Application Process

Please apply by sending me (via private message or by posting here) a link to your character sheet as well as your characters history, motivations, personality ect. There will be more in-world information avaliable in this forum, and the more you read and try to incorperate the world history into your own story the better your chances of getting in will be.

Accepting 3 players. Applications close on December 30th.

Character Creation

Characters are to start at level 10 with gold equivilent to a level 8 character (this is to reflex the poor living conditions of most people as well as the tendency for dragons to horde gold. Don't worry though, there will be hoards to raid!). Characters are built on a 38 point buy, using the system outlined in the Dungeon Master's Guide.

Players will be expected to be able to post at least once every 2-3 days minimum, with more frequent posts greatly appreciated. Good luck to all applicants :D

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